The 2016 miss China finals ended Liu Changle was crowned champion Han

The 2016 miss China finals ended Liu Changle was crowned the champion Han Ning Tsuen: sponsored by the Phoenix 2016 Chinese Miss Universe contest finals in Zhuhai on 22 Long International Ocean Resort Hengqin International Circus City perfect ending, fluent in four languages No. 10 contestants won the championship title of Han Ning, 16, and Wang Xiaoqing No. 4 Liu Jiayi won the runner up and second runner up. Commentary: the interpretation of different ages of popular dance, wearing a gorgeous cheongsam Show Oriental women elegant posture, the judges respond to the hot question, fierce collision with the host scenario quiz, after numerous tests, fluent in four languages 10, Jia Lihan successfully won the 2016 Miss Chinese setting global champion, Phoenix TV, chairman of the board of directors and chief executive officer Liu Changle the 2015 Miss Chinese champion Guo Yangzi together for the awards she crowned. Han Ning (2016 Chinese Miss Universe contest): Oh, really did not expect, just the question and answer session, I just say what I really feel is the heart, also some of my strengths, before ten years in Hungary, ten years in North America, China is a very good platform. Let me have the opportunity to come back. Commentary: the pursuit of minimalism No. 16 beauty Wang Xiaoqing and dream of becoming a war correspondent of the 4 contestants won the runner up and Liu Jiayi respectively. Wang Xiaoqing (2016 of the Miss Universe contest runner up): I think we should miss China is to show the girl a variety of different beauty, like our 12 players today this final stage is just a moment we come into contact with us, but we are in the two months together, every one of us there are different, but a good personality. Liu Jiayi (the 2016 Miss Universe contest runner up): China stage is gorgeous, and stepped on the big stage of the people, not afraid of any other stage. Kara Hui (2016 of the Miss Universe contest finals judges): several, write down my own, hope to be able to give them a little test, think of a person for her, her beauty is the most important accomplishment, but I tell the truth, as long as you are full of confidence, in fact the woman will be beautiful. Commentary: this year’s Miss China finals as a magnificent big show, the performance of many elements into the circus, the cute penguins also back to the scene, and once a year as global Chinese women’s beauty event, Miss Chinese global competition has been advocating the beauty and wisdom of peers, internal and external and feminine charm, is committed to the global Chinese closer distance the establishment of the new generation of Chinese beauty standards.相关的主题文章: