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Relationships If you want another chance with your ex, it can be a bit tough. When you have a breakup, the way you would typically act is replaced with a frustrating or stressful attitude. You dont behave as you would normally under breakup stress. For that reason, care should be taken when dealing with people who are suffering heartbreak. When your senses are askew, its natural to act on your first impulses but its really the wrong thing to do. However, if you want another chance with your ex, there are a couple of things you should not do. They are: be desperate and over aggressive. Mistake (1) – Desperation If you act like you are desperate to get your ex back, its actually a tactic that backfires. All you .e off as is clingy or needy. These tend to make an ex want to run away rather .e back into your arms. It may be difficult to accept but it is actually the real truth. If you want another chance with your ex, avoid acting desperate and be yourself. Mistake (2) – Over Aggressive You have to remember that your feelings may be hurt, your ex has his or her feelings too. If you want another chance with your ex, then you should avoid words of resentment and anger. Those unsympathetic words or even actions will send your ex running for the hills. Wouldnt you run too? So dont be surprised if this happens to you. You may not realize it but the choices you make above are not done intentionally. Rather, they are done out of hurt, spite and anger. Unfortunately, they can ruin having another chance with your ex. If you really want another chance with your ex, you need to keep your feelings in check and devise some sort of plan to win your exs heart once again. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: