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Save the tea at home, just follow these two Sohu and Pu’er Tea became popular after drinking tea tea, many friends will buy some tea at home, to greet a friend or your own goods; or to store several years later removed the magic change to find tea. But a lot of tea friends because they do not have the experience of tea, and sometimes it will be a good tea deposit bad regret. The South Ming beauty (public No. ID:nmjrtea) and the tea to share, how to save the tea at home simple. Each local climate is not the same, for Pu’er Tea, even with a tea, there are different places, after the transformation will be very different. Therefore, the need to save the family according to the specific location and weather adjustments. A choice of tea, tea places easily absorb the smell, to avoid close to the kitchen and toilet taste more places so at home to save tea. Can not be together with women’s cosmetics. Tea is usually easy to damp, damp after tea if not discovered and dry, became moldy. Moldy tea also loses its drinking value. The family is well-to-do, there may be room or warehouse, can be used to store tea. But it should be noted that, in the tea storage before the examination room if there is smell, whether water, avoid damp tea. The tea storage to avoid direct sunlight. Long was the sunlight of tea, tea flavor will gradually fade, eventually lose their drinking value. There are direct sunlight such as balcony, do not choose. Sometimes the wind blowing in tea, too. One of the conditions for the preservation of tea ventilation, refers to the appropriate ventilation, rather than regular ventilation and in the air. What is the air port? Such as balconies, doorways, windows and other places, is a place where the wind. Tea long placed in these places, tea will soon drain tea flavor fades, affecting drinking taste. So where is the usual place? The room more family will have the study, tea can be wrapped, and the raw and cooked tea separately, and then put on the shelf. Note: do not put tea and book directly together, in the book of the ink tea flavor is absorbed. The room less family, can be directly stored in the tea in the sitting room. Two, choose to save the tea container 1 Buccaro jar: can be recycled, but need to select clean Buccaro jar without any cracks. Save the tea before the tea will taste in the tank is removed, then the tea into the pot. Yixing tea pot can be placed in the corner of the living room, or a corner of the study. 2 carton: carton is affordable storage device, but also to ensure that the clean no smell. The dry season, the first tea together with packing together into the carton, the carton on the ground some distance. It is usually possible to draw a stool or discarded shelf under the carton, about ten cm away from the wall. Humid rainy season, the first tea with a clean sealing bag, then put in the carton, the sealing bag can be removed after the rainy season. Choose the carton, should choose clean and not too much mimeographed, while inside the wavy lines is preferred. Purple sand pot choice needs to be judged according to the size of mud, etc., do not understand the Yixing tea lovers will have difficulties. And the carton of tea相关的主题文章: