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"Task" strong plot praise: war drama the correct way to open – Sohu entertainment entertainment news from the Jiangsu plot P Sohu straw bear Film Company Limited, Zhejiang Dongyang earthquake of the television culture Co., Ltd. jointly produced, cattle static screenwriter, actor famous film directed by Zheng Yu, and together with Zihan Chen, Yin Zhusheng, Wei Chunguang, Lv Zhong, Xin month Du, source of three generations of the strength of the actors were co starred in the TV series "mission impossible" is Jiangsu TV prime time broadcast fiery. Broadcast nearly a week, the drama ratings soared, the launch of the first day that made pair of first, third days is 35 city and 52 city viewing both broken 1, become the most popular drama "period". In addition, the ups and downs of the story and concise story structure, also won the praise of "war drama the correct way to open" rescue the ups and downs of strong plot trigger "tap water" TV series "mission impossible" landing Jiangsu TV prime time last week. Just a launch, the drama with "strong plot to seize the audience attention, become the most popular drama" period". The first day of broadcast to 35 city 1.033 won the ratings, and with absolute advantage to become the first pair, the first battle. Since then, the drama is more formidable, ratings continued high. The third day, 35 City ratings soared to 1.144, the 52 City ratings reached 1.044, implementation of dual break 1, refresh their records. To see the play so gratifying ratings, as the director and starring Zheng Yu good mood is not self-evident, the day before his micro-blog celebration, full of gratitude to the audience, "thanks for the love and support of all the people". Broadcast last week, "mission impossible" plot has been ups and downs, juvenile blue sky safety and whereabouts have been in jeopardy in the precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs. Originally, will have a blue sky, in the anti blocking under the watchful eyes of the people out of town is impossible, Yin three headed underground party members but suffered their rebellion, make the task more one disaster after another. On the other hand, the Japanese frequently resorted Shazhao, the most vicious is caught the blue sky and ordered all the children of the same age, if within the time limit, the underground party did not hand over the blue sky, every five minutes to kill a child, very cruel means. With the P story, the drama caused a lot of "tap water", "" mission impossible "in the local TV broadcast, but the star is still vigorous after ratings, here — drama! Love! Good! See!" The right to open the way to the war drama of the story in addition to concise discussion and Amway users spontaneously, there are many professionals in the play is respected, critics praised the "smoke, Zheng Yu found the theme of Japanese new, is the right way to open. The action scenes, although there are few large-scale warring armies, nor do the series Gunfire licks the heavens., but with modern way to present the first train set shooting, gunfight scenes on the head, is the color, wonderful action, but also to the series with a different temperament. Is worth a visit." For the play from the ratings since its launch has been high, smoke analysis said, "while people, while rescue,"相关的主题文章: