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The earliest or curved iPhone OLED screen out next year from the popularity of how far science and technology Sohu – Sohu Wenwang Xue Ying technology of curved screen iPhone so anxious? Don’t worry, you can buy it next year. In November 29th, according to "the Wall Street journal" reported that apple is expected early in the 2017 sale of surface iPhone, and this was also indirectly confirmed rumors: apple apple suppliers have begun to require suppliers to improve the yield of the OLED display, and submit the resolution of the sample is higher than samsung. As we all know, Apple has been trying to curb the decline in iPhone sales trend. 2017 coincides with the ten anniversary of the release of iPhone, how to reproduce the former hot iPhone has become a big problem to be solved this year apple. Now, select the lighter OLED screen thinner or apple has become the main way of differentiation of the iPhone product line, also known as the source, using OLED display iPhone or will be one of the few models next year the company released. However, the problem is that the use of the OLED screen of the new iPhone or because the cost of the problem may be higher in terms of price, the impact will not be known. Up to now, apple declined to give any comment. In fact, in recent years, South Korea’s Samsung, Chinese millet and Google and other manufacturers have begun to shift from LCD to OLED. OLED thin and support the characteristics of the surface technology to make it more plastic. Although the OLED screen does not need to illuminate the screen through the backlight components, but analysts generally believe that the highest cost of production than the LCD screen more than $50. The extra $50 for suppliers, is undoubtedly a good opportunity to turn: apple and favor can get long-term orders manufacturers, even the long-term losses in the state, also can turn around. According to market research firm IHS Markit data show that mobile OLED screen generating capacity in 2018 is expected to exceed LCD, $18 billion 600 million. It is understood that in 2016 the global market size of the LCD screen was $20 billion 800 million, OLED $10 billion 600 million. However, the more troubling is that the current global OLED screen technology in the presence of a sense of the enterprise is not much. Samsung’s Samsung Display as one of the few large-scale mass production of the manufacturers, the first half of this year, which invested billions of dollars to expand the production line OLED. However, considering the market competition between apple and Samsung mobile phone, apple a few years dedicated to display supplier diversity is not reasonable, so we see LG Display, Japan Display and SHARP Retina screen in the period of the figure, but that time is still LCD screen in the world. A source said that Apple will still be dominated by Samsung OLED screen supply, but with LG Display, Japan Display and SHARP have started to improve, a dominant situation will eventually be replaced. .相关的主题文章: