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Stojkovic moved the gorgeous football team won the top bodied hope Stojkovic is advocating gorgeous football Guangzhou daily news (reporter       Xie Zekai) yesterday, Guangzhou R & F football club announced that they and the team coach Stoiko’s contract until the end of 2020. Guangzhou R & F had failed to timely renewal of Erickson and draw lessons, and Stojkovic this season coaching record is excellent, the renewal of logical. Extension to 2020, which means that Guangzhou bodied hope Stojkovic can lead the team to a higher level in 4 years time. From a long-term point of view, the two sides signed a contract based on two main reasons: first, Stojkovic advocate technology flow play. Decimating the season show "gorgeous football" has become a "super clean"; Stojkovic is the two importance of youth, and willing to boldly new, and the high level of R & South and localization of the mind. Back in July of this year, R & F senior Stojkovic has been put on the agenda. In the next 4 years, Stojkovic has enough time to train new people, polish the team, his ideas into the team, which will allow him to become the first bodied bodied godfather". R & F executives have more than once said that the team in the next few years to achieve the goal of super win. The contract also means that Stojkovic’s pressure is greater, because he must be in the past 4 years will be able to build a strong strength to win the team.相关的主题文章: