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"Star" all star basketball feast luxury Star Wars – Sohu staged popular entertainment   United star plans for the battle of Sohu Chinese basketball entertainment all-powerful characters are here! This is the "Star Alliance" of the eighth stage is the final ending of the war. Kobe appeared again "Star", comment on the three star wing personally months of training results. Zhai Xiaochuan, Chen Shidong and other basketball budding male god domineering struck, dribbling dunk tsunami scream. Li Yulin and his son Li Ke was overwhelmed with admiration for tacit cooperation partner. China famous female basketball giant Zheng Haixia’s atmospheric debut, the coach said unequivocally. The "Star Alliance" will open a luxury feast to pay tribute to the Chinese basketball basketball, "Star Wars" star of the family do triggered at any moment, ready for the challenge? Basketball All-Star lineup was the "Star" with "Star Wars" sparks in this period, to meet the United star opponent is very powerful. The visiting team lineup with "this idiom to describe as if fierce tigers" is not too much. They run through the Chinese basketball history, summon wind and call for rain, all-powerful! Where are the legend. The coach is Chinese famous basketball "female giant", Zheng Haixia, in 1996 she joined the Losangeles sparks, and Yao Ming racing together bridle to bridle the existence. She has won the first runner up and the bronze medal of the Olympic Games on behalf of the Chinese team, which is called "the first Asian basketball player"! Li Yulin and his son, Li Ke, playing, especially conspicuous. Li Yulin is the former Chinese men’s basketball team’s main striker, center, won the Asian champion, known as "Asia’s first jump". Son Li Ke has represented the height of 190cm, the team won the league championship games, CBA. Chen Shidong, Delhe, Tao Hanlin and Zhai Xiaochuan are the men’s basketball team will rise above the common herd. In the face of such a horde, United star played the extremely spiritual challenge. There is such a good player as an opponent, this star wars must look invincible! Zhai Xiaochuan Chen Shidong von Hanpu struck arrogant domineering dunk lead scream in the competition process, several of the basketball game especially the color, the skilled skills for all the freely flowing style of writing many sisters kept screaming. To face a strong opponent, Feng Hanpu arrogance was ignited, frequently arrogant dunk, side to show the never released. Since June this year, Chen Shidong announced his retirement after the basketball circles a lot of people for the Beijing boy friends feel pity, di Xiaochuan had special leave for him to practice. The Chen Shidong and Zhai Xiaochuan good buddy with domineering return, brothers, arrogant struck, a trend which cannot be halted the charm of basketball. Zhai Xiaochuan and Chen Shidong Peihemoqi, cast three points like hanging open, passion and blood comes out of the play inspired all the people, the United Hanpu Star Feng also opened a runaway mode, and the "Zhai Xiaochuan ball machine" on the bar! Everyone in the crowd, Feng Hanpu height advantage, frequently cut several rebounds, rushed to the basket to dunk. After the last game, the Feng Hanpu has changed a lot, he was hanging on the basket and challenge the hegemony, no less than Chen Chien-chou, so aggressive von Hanpu we really have not seen. Star league.相关的主题文章: