Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress to start production safety law enforcement insp-pgd-426

The NPC Standing Committee law enforcement inspection on safe production start method in new network on 12 September, Xinhua news agency, Beijing (reporter Chen Fei) in order to increase the production safety law publicity and implement efforts to further promote the rule of law, security law, improve the level of production safety law, the NPC Standing Committee will carry out law enforcement inspection of production safety in the country in. The reporter from the 12 held in Beijing of the Standing Committee of the national production safety law enforcement inspection group of the first plenary meeting was informed that the National People’s Congress of the second organizations to carry out law enforcement inspection of production safety, production safety law is new for the implementation of December 1, 2014 for the first time a check is an important supervision work this year, the NPC Standing Committee to carry out the. In recent years, the situation of production safety has maintained a stable situation. In the first half of this year to achieve the total amount of the accident and most of the industry, most areas of the accident, three consecutive decline, where the number of accidents and deaths fell by 8.8% and the number of year on year, respectively, and 5.3%. But at the same time, the production safety situation is still grim, major accidents have not yet been effectively curb the momentum. In a comprehensive examination of the production safety law implementation on the basis of production safety supervision mechanism, law enforcement inspection group of the State Council and the relevant departments to perform their duties according to law, the main responsibility for the implementation of production units, improve the production safety supervision, agriculture and rural areas to focus on aspects of inspection. It is understood that the law enforcement inspection group will be composed of 5 teams in 10 provinces in mid September to mid October in Shanxi, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Anhui, Henan, Hainan, Chongqing, Tibet, Shaanxi and Xinjiang (autonomous regions and municipalities) to carry out inspections, and also commissioned 15 provinces of Beijing and Hebei (autonomous regions and municipalities) to check the implementation of the NPC Standing Committee within the administrative areas of production safety law. Combined with the 8 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) in the early days of the law enforcement inspection, this law enforcement inspection will achieve full coverage of the country’s 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and Xinjiang production and construction corps. It is reported that in late November, the inspection team will be held second plenary meeting to discuss amendments to law enforcement inspection report. In late December, the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress will listen to the report on the law enforcement inspection of production safety law.相关的主题文章: