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Careers-Employment Many healthcare facilities in the US have a lot of job openings for qualified speech pathologists. Speech pathology jobs .e with great pay and benefits. The best way to find suitable placement is to go through reliable rehab staffing .panies. Where to Find High Paying Speech Pathology Jobs Candidates can find high paying SLP jobs in the leading healthcare facilities including hospitals, research facilities, long term care facilities, clinics, inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation clinics, nursing homes, and other healthcare providers across the nation. Recruitment agencies can help you find positions in these facilities to suit your personal and professional requirements. They have all the necessary resources to help you find permanent and long-term positions as well as temporary and travel jobs. Get Jobs with the Payment You Expect Whatever the kind of job you are seeking, rehab staffing firms will assist you in finding jobs with the salary you expect. They will help you find speech language pathology jobs to suit your individual desires, financial goals and needs. Salary and benefits would vary according to your qualifications, experience and skill, and also the kind of facility and location. Benefits The US job market offers opportunities for both nationally and internationally trained speech pathologists. Rehab staffing firms offer international candidates assistance with licensing and other formalities. Some of the additional benefits that .e along with the jobs are: Health Care Insurance: Many of the staffing .panies offer special medical insurance including Dental and Vision coverage for the job seekers. They can gain excellent preventative incentives through a national PPO and a National Prescription Drug card. A portion of the premium will be paid by the .pany. Section 125 Cafeteria Plan: This tax saving program allows pre-tax money to pay for medical and child care expenses, not covered by insurance. Short-Term Disability and Cancer Insurance Sponsored by the employee Professional Liability Insurance It covers all full-time employees Group Term Life Insurance. This is provided and paid for by the .pany. Additional State License The .pany reimburses the expenses. Continuing Education Expenses are reimbursed for maintaining licenses, adding or maintaining certifications, and so on. Travel job seekers get additional benefits apart from these. This would include: Housing Allowance: Housing is assured in a area that is safe and clean. It is usually one-bedroom furnished ac.modation going by the IRS standards so that housing allowance is tax free. Relocation Expenses include gas, U-haul or temporary storage, and motel stay and meals. Get in touch with a professional rehab staffing firm to find out good speech pathology jobs offering great pay and benefits. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: