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South Korea’s largest shipping company is on the verge of bankruptcy   enterprises willing to buy its global seaport — Guangxi channel — original title: South Korea’s largest shipping company is on the verge of bankruptcy in the world to buy South Korea’s largest seaport maritime transport company Hanjin Shipping into financial difficulties on the verge of bankruptcy, has decided in August 31st to the Seoul Central District Court Legal Management (refers to the verge of collapse of the enterprise, appointed by the court third management). Radio France international news September 29th, Chinese state-run Chinese COSCO Group recently announced willing to fund the purchase of Hanjin Shipping in the world (including the United States, Asia, Europe) of all terminal facilities, but does not consider the purchase of Hanjin owned ships. According to the person in charge of China Ocean Shipping Group said that as long as the South Korea is willing to China ocean shipping can buy Hanjin port terminal facilities. The responsible person said, without any intention to buy China COSCO Hanjin transport ships. South Korea has 13 harbour terminal facilities in the world, mainly in Asia, but also in the United States, Spain, and Belgium have terminal facilities. South Korea was forced to put into bankruptcy after the bank refused to finance up to 4 billion 790 million euros of debt pressure. The world economic slowdown led to the global maritime world super serious, a number of shipping companies are in trouble. Hanjin Shipping, the world’s seventh largest shipping company, if declared bankrupt, will also be the world’s largest shipping company bankruptcy case. If China ocean can buy South Korea Hanjin Shipping terminal, China Ocean will be able to extend the tentacles of the port of California to the United states. China COSCO is Asia’s largest ocean shipping company. Experts believe that China’s ocean into the South Korea into the port facilities, will rewrite the Chinese ocean shipping lines and territory. But China experts believe that Chinese ocean bid for Hanjin port facilities is more difficult, in addition to other competitors, may also have level limits. According to reports, in August this year with the Greek Chinese ocean marine transportation port top management Piraeus company signed a contract to buy most of the shares, and obtain the right to operate until 2052, this is the first international success China ocean. China Ocean Shipping Group is headquartered in Shanghai, is just this year by the China Shipping Group and China Ocean Shipping Co merged into the world’s fourth largest shipping group.. China hopes to form the largest shipping group, shipping and container. 28, China Ocean Shipping Group, China COSCO Shipping Company announced the acquisition of Abu Dhabi port container terminal construction and the use of the right to contract, access to the franchise for 35 years. China invested $738 million in the port. (commissioning editor Pang Guanhua and Chen Lulu)相关的主题文章: