South Korean prosecutors consider direct investigation of Park Geun hye Park Geun hye nominated prim-ca1835

South Korean prosecutors consider direct investigation of Park Geun hye park to withdraw the Prime Minister nominated original title: observer network] according to Yonhap News reported on November 8th Korean prosecutors consider direct investigation of Park Geun hye Park Geun hye nominated prime minister [withdrawn, South Korean prosecutors raided the special Ministry said 8 plan in 19 days before and after the intervention of "close the door" the Cui Shunshi prosecution. It is expected that the prosecution will also decide whether to direct investigation in the park next week. South Asian economic website reported that prosecutors said, according to whether the large enterprises involved in park compulsory contribution and Chong Wa Dae of leaked documents and other issues, is currently considered the direct investigation of Park Geun hye’s plan, will be the fastest in the next week to decide whether to implement the investigation of Park Geun hye, and specific investigation methods and time. South Korean prosecutors consider direct survey of public opinion survey Park Park can hardly be avoided according to reports, Cui Shunshi 3 is Korean prosecutors arrest, suspected to be responsible for policy coordination and former Chong Wa Dae Chief Secretary An Zhongfan, forcing the big enterprise to the Mir consortium and the consortium of K sports 77 billion 400 million won (about 462 million yuan). Prosecutors are investigating the illegal behavior of Cui and dry high intensity of suspicion, she was charged with the crime or further increase. Cui Xiang if confirmed at the expense of raising funds to provide preferential treatment to large enterprises, may be suspected of indirect bribery or bribery. Pu Jinhui (information) An Zhongfan and former Chong Wa Dae affiliated Secretary General Zheng Hucheng in accept prosecution investigation, according to the statement, park Geun hye instructions from the company funds, so the public opinion investigation Pu Jinhui can hardly be avoided. 8 prosecutors also said that more than 200 copies of the files stored in the computer Shunshi Cui analysis found that most of the document is confidential in Chong Wa Dae and government departments before the formal public. Including the park Geun hye’s speech, for inter Korean non open contact content data, the Ministry of foreign affairs about the park overseas visit, the Council of state data file. Prosecutors after the investigation to determine the documents passed to Cui Shunshi Zheng Hucheng. Prosecutors also learned from the Zheng Hucheng cell phone recordings of the relevant records of the government of the Chinese government asked for the transfer of confidential documents to the government of Cui Shunshi. Zheng Hucheng has said in an interview with the prosecution investigation, these confidential data were transmitted to the command of Cui Shunshi park. At present, the prosecution is the achievement of the proportion of Zheng Zheng Cui Zheng Zheng Zheng degree of intensive investigation. In view of President Park Geun hye to some extent has admitted leaking sensitive content containing a lot of confidential government documents to Cui Shunshi, so prosecutors think it is necessary to confirm Pu Jinhui confidential documents leaked to the Cui Shunshi was going on and intention. Pu Jinhui agreed to make political concessions to withdraw the nomination of a new prime minister to accept the Congress recommended according to the Korea KBS website 8 news, Pu Jinhui 8 morning visit Congress met with parliament speaker Ding Shijun, a 13 minute conversation with Ding Shijun. Pu Jinhui and Ding Shijun Pu Jinhui in Korea meeting length talks at that national policy normalization is the primary task, and therefore she met with parliament speaker, if Congress recommended the new prime minister, she will be the person appointed as the new prime minister. This means that President Park Geun hye will withdraw gold Bingzhun the prime minister nominee. Winter相关的主题文章: