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South Korean presidential cronies intervention case "two key figures were arrested – Beijing, Beijing, November 6, according to Yonhap news early in the morning, 6, South Korean presidential cronies intervention case" two key figures — before Chong Wa Dae duct economic affairs chief secretary An Zhongfan and former Secretary Zheng Hucheng affiliated Chong Wa Dae the arrest. The prosecutors on suspicion of breach of privilege, forced trading and arrest An Zhongfan, on suspicion of leaking classified documents to arrest Zheng Hucheng. The Seoul Central District Court held that the facts of the crime of the two party were clear, the reasons for the arrest and the necessity of the case were sufficient, and therefore the warrant issued by the prosecution for the safety of the defendant was issued. 4, the "presidential cronies politics door protagonist Cui Shunshi was arrested on suspicion of breach of privilege against the exercise of rights and attempted fraud, an accused Chong Wa Dae economic Ren Jong chief secretary, teamed up with the Cui Shunshi forced the 53 big companies to set up two fund donations amounting to 77 billion 400 million won (about 460 million yuan). The two foundations were the Mir consortium and the K sports consortium, which was actually founded and controlled by Cui Shunshi. An Zhongfan is also accused of involvement in K, SK, Lotte sports consortium called POSCO group again funded, or even directly to the president of the POSCO call for donations for the K sports consortium, Tim Cui Shunshi for company "THE BLUE K" project profitability. In addition, he also suspected of involvement in the "presidential cronies intervention" case of another car involved Enze forced an advertising company to transfer ownership a takeover target. Enze is a famous Korean advertising director, known as the cultural crown prince". Zheng Hucheng is alleged to convey to the president, including the president Cui Shunshi speech, diplomatic security secrets and other government documents. Mir former Secretary General Lee said in an interview with the media, Zheng Hucheng almost every day to the thickness of 30 cm of the president’s report to the information conveyed to Cui Shunshi, and then review the data of the. The tablet computer is suspected Shunshi Cui used was found in the store more than 200 copies of government documents and files, these files folder contains the user name "narelo" is usually used in the name Zheng Hucheng.相关的主题文章: