Smoking will be banned in all indoor public places in Shanghai next March 1st tinyos

Shanghai smoking in all indoor public places will take effect in March 1st – reporter Wang Haiyan yesterday morning, the fourteen session of the thirty-third meeting of the Standing Committee vote on the revision of the "Shanghai public places tobacco control bill decision". Decided to implement, since March 1, 2017, when the Shanghai public places tobacco control scope. "Tobacco control legislation strictly from the tight control of smoking guide." Deputy director of the Municipal People’s Congress law committee member Ding Wei said that the repair method is to strengthen the guiding ideology of smoking control in public places, indoor and outdoor public places to further expand the range of tobacco control, to ensure the public from the "secondhand smoke", the strict tight legislation orientation conform to the trend of the development of social civilization. At the same time, taking into account the tobacco control legislation involving groups of wide range, high degree of concern, need comprehensive interests of all sectors of society, to expand the scope of tobacco control legislation should be with the stage of development, social civilization and social public acceptance, law enforcement forces equipped with strength to adapt, should play a leading legislation, but also can operation control measures. Indoor smoking control to expand the scope of the reporter noted that the decision to modify based on part of indoor smoking in public places on the original regulations, clear "indoor public places, indoor workplaces and public transport smoke-free". Compared with the original regulations, the amendment decided to expand the indoor smoking ban from a specific indoor public places to all indoor public places, indoor workplaces. Among them, especially in hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues, indoor workplaces, transportation hubs and other several kinds of places: one is made to expand the indoor area of the hotel will achieve a comprehensive smoking; two is the dining and entertainment venues will be designated smoking area; three is smoking will be banned from state organs Conference room, restaurant and the common workplace indoor public areas; the four is the airport, railway station, bus station and other ports will cancel the smoking room. Outdoor smoking to expand the scope to modify the decision also to further expand the scope of the outdoor public places tobacco control: an increase of public places, including education and training institutions to minors main activities of the crowd of the venue seating and outdoor performance area, open to the community of cultural relics protection units, outdoor areas crowded public transport waiting area as well as laws, regulations and rules in other public places, etc.. In view of the indoor comprehensive tobacco control, it is necessary to guide the establishment of outdoor smoking, as far as possible to reduce outdoor smokers "smoke smoke" situation. To amend the decision to add an outdoor non smoking area, the conditions can be set up smoking points. In addition, to set up an outdoor smoking is proposed to include the installation of signs, away from the crowd, collecting ash and cigarette butts placed appliances, comply with fire safety related technical specifications. Allow special setting indoor smoking room through the investigation, the legal committee, the Law Committee of the Standing Committee learned that in practice there are some due to the production of quality or special types need to set up or closed indoor smoking room. Refer to the relevant domestic and foreign tobacco control legislation, starting from the actual administration, legal committee, standing committee.相关的主题文章: