Since November, Jinhua abolished the agriculture and non-agricultural household registration tsumori chisato

Since November, Jinhua cancel agriculture and non-agricultural accounts division of Jinhua City Hukou reform news conference since November 1st, Jinhua will abolish the agricultural division accounts and non-agricultural hukou, unified registered as resident accounts. Today (October 28th), the reporter from the Jinhua municipal reform of the household registration system, a press conference was informed that the main content of the reform of the household registration system including the establishment of a unified household registration system, adjust the account migration system and set up a sound system of residence permits, improve population information management system and promote five aspects of supporting public service policy adjustment etc.. The household registration reform focused on solving three problems: one is the "three rights" is indeed the right registration certification problem. At present, the phenomenon of the transfer of the agricultural population are not left behind, not settled in the town. Farmers worried about settled in the city, the original rural rights will be recovered. The reform of the household registration system to proceed with rural land (Shan Lin) the right to the contracted management of collective economy, equity, land use right "three rights" to ensure, through the "three rights" is the right to protect the legitimate rights and interests of farmers into the city settled in the system, the elimination of rural population into cities and towns settled the menace from the rear. As of now, Jinhua forest contracting right has been completed, the village economic cooperatives joint-stock reform of 98.41%, rural land contract management rights and ownership 44.7%, rural land use right is indeed the right to complete 93.51%. Secondly, to solve the problem of high agricultural transfer population settled in the town settled. For a long time, the main channel for the transfer of agricultural population settled in Jinhua city is settled in the purchase, resulting in the urbanization rate of household population has always been improved. The reform of household registration system, will focus on the transfer of the agricultural population settled in the town of high threshold, according to the "giving priority to the stock and increment of appropriate guidance requirements, focus on solving the city for a long time, the employment ability, meet and adapt to upgrade Jinhua city competition environment transformation of Jinhua urban industrial workers to settle problems. At the same time, to further relax the conditions for the transfer of local agricultural population settled into the town, to further improve the rate of college graduates, skilled workers, vocational college graduates, returned overseas students settled in cities. Finally, but also to solve the problem of supporting policies in the field of follow-up. The reform of household registration system, will be gradually resolved in the town settled agricultural population transfer of unemployment insurance, the basic old-age insurance and basic medical insurance and Suiqian children’s education, and gradually develop the health of urban and rural planning synchronization policy, promote the special allowances for self employment of retired soldiers, one-time subsidy standards, residents minimum living security a unified standard, and gradually narrow the gap between urban and rural areas of the social assistance standard. As of now, Jinhua city level pre carding 29 two yuan in urban policy, public rental housing low rent housing policy, urban and rural living standards, temporary relief policy, compulsory education enrollment policy, "two parameters" regular staff allowance, retired soldiers one-time economy allowance 6 supporting policies have been adjusted in place, in addition to 8 the policy was formulated or ready to develop, totaled 14. Registered permanent residence migration policy will be landing in accordance with the Jinhua municipal government, the city’s household registration system reform opinions,.相关的主题文章: