Shijiazhuang mobile phone charging man put the bed after waking up disappear

Shijiazhuang mobile phone charging man put the bed after waking up to disappear the newspaper news (reporter Li Bing) recently, Mr. Guo people encountered a strange thing, before going to sleep at night, when he put the mobile phone in the mobile phone charging window after waking up, but take wings to itself. Mr. Guo and his girlfriend rented in the capital of the three religions in the west old village in a rented room in September 25th, before going to sleep at night, Mr. Guo put on the mobile phone charging cable to hand in the bed near the window. The second day at 5:30 in the morning wake up, Mr. Guo suddenly found on the windowsill, mobile phone was lost. Think of the phone may fall under the bed, Mr. Guo to get out of bed to look carefully, and then try to dial. Guo found that his cell phone was switched off after two or three seconds, then turn off. Taking into account the phone may be stolen, Mr. Guo immediately dialed 110 alarm. Three west police station police on duty Zhang Yonghui and Shi Xiangfeng arrived, carefully check the room, found signs of burglary and no stranger. Investigation, the police found that the phone has been put on the window sill open a seam son, sleep at night when you open the window?" In the face of the police inquiry, Mr. Guo said that he did not open the window when sleeping a narrow slit, but did not open when the police came so wide. In this regard, preliminary analysis of the police, the thief may be through the windows to see the charging on the windowsill or mobile phone charging line, and then along the line will be clawed through the window slits charging mobile phone stolen. Subsequently, the police transferred the case to the police station for further investigation. According to Mr. Guo’s encounter, the police reminded the rental households, tenants were not familiar with each other, and the personnel component complex rental housing security facilities simple, tenants must always take good care of your valuables, pay attention to rest and go out in the locked doors and windows, to avoid criminals loophole.相关的主题文章: