Shanghai Pudong 15 man Dutch act was rescued is killing brother wanted (video)

Shanghai Pudong 15 man Dutch act was rescued is killing brother wanted (Figure 1) an attempted Dutch act, actually solved the murder. September 17th morning, Pudong Zhoujiadu region occurred alarm. A five man in the Dutch act to be saved, then found he is online pursuit of suspects of the murder together. The man fled back to Shanghai in the Mid Autumn Festival on the eve of the hammer to kill his brother after heart remorse he wanted Dutch act apology, was rescued after eventually arrested. At Dutch act was rescued on September 17th at 2:13 in the morning, police patrol police Beiqin Zhoujiadu laodeng received 110 command center command: a nearby road No. 800 people Dutch act. A few minutes later, Dutch act were found in a restaurant at the back door, dressed in a black T-shirt, eyes closed, reclining in a chair, a pan purple marks on the neck, mouth hung foam. Confirm each other as well as vital signs, laodeng side with hand stroking the chest Qi, side try to call each other, but did not respond. Alarm is a restaurant all the way across the nightclub staff, early morning commute found someone in the restaurant on the ground floor of the air conditioner on the suicide. Then save it, and call the alarm call. After that, the man slowly opened his eyes, but remain silent. Laodeng found him a coffee bag. Upon examination, there were two bundles of cash, a rope and a bottle of wine, with a total of $8000. Kill brother fled without identity, and remain silent. At this point, 120 emergency vehicles rushed to the scene. The doctor advised the man to go to the hospital for further observation. At this point, the man said: "do not go to the hospital, anyway, in the end is dead." Finally, he said to the old Deng, he called Wang Yuhua (a pseudonym), who lives in Kunshan Huaqiao, why commit suicide because of "kill brother". In the police station in the system, the old Deng search to Wang Yuhua’s information, but did not see the murder of police intelligence briefing, is it just happened? With questions, Deng returned to the hospital. The man gave his place of residence in Huaqiao, with this information, the police finally wanted to see Wang Yuhua’s name in an online pursuit. The evening of September 14th, Kunshan Huaqiao homicide, Shanghai man Wang Yuning (a pseudonym) is at home with a blunt kill. According to the judgment scene trace, his brother Wang Yuhua is a major crime suspects. Rely on my sister to support the original living, in 1980s, Wang Yuning and Wang Yuhua had been treated for crimes. After release, two people doing nothing, by marrying Hongkong sister help. The first half of this year, Wang Yuhua found the money remitted to sister becomes less obvious. Ask about, he found it was because my brother had talk in front of my sister, caused a rift between siblings. On the evening of 14, Wang Yuhua was holding a hammer to brother fell. Subsequently, he stole 8000 yuan in cash in the night. Wang Yuning died of severe head injury. The escape, Wang Yuhua was dead, decided to return to Pudong Dongchang Road was born, where Dutch act xiezui, in order to "roots", but many years later did not return to Shanghai, arrived in Pudong shortly after the lost. Drink a few mouth after he commits suicide in the liquor emboldened, the air conditioning unit to buy. In the course of the trial, the police also found相关的主题文章: