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Secret: EMU sleeper like? (Figure) – Sohu news, the most afraid of the toilet, wash in the morning queue!" Each car has 3 bathrooms, can reduce the waiting time, wash basin also set up 2.       car bored want to play the phone, even if there is no electricity, two fear no flow!" Like the picture on the left, can be very good looking place for charging the mobile phone in the car. The white guy on the right in the figure, Wi-Fi enhancer, passengers can use it to the internet.     a day sitting is not convenient, too humbled!" The EMU has a horizontal conversion function, the bed can be turned, can realize the night lying, sitting during the day and two kinds of operation mode. The new cultural reporter Guo Liang photo     lights on the "black eye", let it get the "Panda" nickname   on the bed after put it flat, the seat becomes a sleeper     bathroom equipped with sleeper EMU power plug Changchun production available, minus 40 degrees environment also, long time operation. The first assembly of the two trains, may be used in the direction from Harbin to Wuhan, the direction of the line. A04 often go out of the people know that sitting high-speed rail travel fast is fast, but there are also unsatisfactory places, such as mobile phone, the Internet can not lie only by signal instability, less noise and so on, the bathroom. Now, the sleeper EMU production in Changchun, the above problems can be solved! Because the front of the two lights like the two lovely black eye, so this car is called "Panda", but it is much faster than the panda, speed up to 250 km. The daytime can sit at night lying in the car yesterday morning, CRC workshop, lying two columns have been assembled EMU good, their numbers were CRH5E-5201 and CRH5E-5202. Sleeper EMU Design Manager Bi Kai said, CRH5E as the only one can operate under the conditions of alpine and wind sand sleeper EMU, you can operate at a temperature of minus 40 degrees Celsius for a long time. It has a simple and practical seat down conversion function, you can achieve the night lying, sitting in the daytime two operating modes. From sitting to lying, is how to achieve it? Front, rear compartment of the car, is still an ordinary EMU seat arrangement. But in the middle of the car in addition to the dining car, are able to achieve a horizontal conversion function of the "box"". Inside the box, in the daytime, on the bed is not flat, a 60 degree angle. Picard said, it can guarantee the seats in the state, with space for bedding, pillows, nor to sit on the bottom position of the passenger pressure. It will not appear loose, the tile into bed? Picard said in a cable-stayed state, the upper plate is stuck, to become flat, need to相关的主题文章: