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In the strongest Russian nuclear ICBM design – Sohu for the Russian military channel map makeyev Rocket Design Bureau disclosed "Satan two type" shape design. Global network reported: according to the CNN (CNN) 26 reported that 23 Russian makeyev rocket design bureau responsible for the development of "two satanic" publicly for the first time its shape design, a brief statement refers to the Council in 2010 was ordered to begin the missile design and development work, "the launch of the strategic missile system is as the strategy of Russian troops to make nuclear resistance reliable and effective deterrent effect". Russia’s recent civil war in Syria and accused of trying to about the U.S. presidential election, with the u.s.. British Daily Mail analysis, Russia’s first time publicly "Satan two" (Satan 2) missile shape design, is regarded as the biggest warning to the west of the Russian President Putin. The human history of the largest amount of nuclear armed intercontinental nuclear missiles, one is enough to destroy the whole of France or the United States Dezhou. According to Western media reports, the Russian newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" said the American and British media reported that the reader into a panic. For a long time, each year to the end of the year, NATO countries began planning the next year’s military budget. At the same time, the western media is also very cooperative, spare no effort to hype the Russian military threat. "Satan type two" is a NATO statement, codenamed SS-X-30, Russia called RS28 sal Matt (Sarmat) heavy intercontinental ballistic missile is now gearing up for the first test, I hope this year, put into operation in 2018, 2020 to replace the current world’s largest and most powerful "R-36M Missile Battle satan". "Satan" missile weighs 210 tons, carrying a total of 20 million tons of TNT equivalent (TNT) up to 10 nuclear warheads, one is enough to kill at least 4 million people in New York, five or six to erase the east coast of the United states. Satan type two weight reduced to more than 100 tons, the equivalent of nuclear warheads but doubled to 40 million tons, is Hiroshima, Japan, Nagasaki, the original explosion of the times, one is enough to destroy france. According to the Russian Defense Ministry mouthpiece media disclosure, "Satan type two" is a range of 10 thousand kilometers, from Russia to Europe and the United States launched things on both sides of the big city, the maximum flight speed per second more than 20 times the speed of sound of 7 kilometers, can be under the radar tracking, and capable of carrying 10 heavy warheads or 16 lighter nuclear warhead combination or anti missile shield device plus other warhead. In contrast, the United States with the underground shaft launch militia three intercontinental missiles, weighing 35 tons, can only carry a nuclear warhead of 3 tons equivalent to 300 thousand.相关的主题文章: