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Russian Defense Ministry: Holland submarine trying to close to the Russian fleet or cause serious consequences – Beijing, China News Agency, Moscow, November 9 Xinhua (reporter Wang Xiujun) local time 9, the Russian Defense Ministry said on that day, a submarine was found near Holland to Russia’s Northern Fleet aircraft carrier fleet, the submarine could cause serious consequences. In this regard, NATO responded that NATO in a responsible way to observe the Russian navy. The day of the Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Kona Schenker J said on the day outside in Moscow, a Holland Navy diesel electric submarines to near the Russian Northern Fleet aircraft carrier fleet in the Mediterranean waters and to monitor it, but the submarine was found in the aircraft carrier formation 20 kilometers away from. Kona Schenker J said that although the submarine was maneuvering, but the Russian warships to use sonar to stabilize the submarine’s whereabouts for more than 1 hours, and forced the submarine to leave the waters where the aircraft carrier formation. Kona Schenker J said, Holland submarines in the vicinity of the Russian naval fleet dangerous maneuver clumsy action may lead to serious consequences. Kona Schenker J said that the formation of the Russian Northern Fleet during the discovery of the NATO Navy submarine. According to him, in November it was discovered that the United States Virginia class submarines trying to follow the Russian ships. According to the Russian military statement, the NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg responded that NATO is observing the Russian naval fleet in the Mediterranean to "responsibly", before NATO has done so often. At present, the Russian side of the aircraft carrier formation may target the implementation of the Syria attack concerns. In mid October this year, the Russian Northern Fleet "Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier formation from the north of the North Morse port of Russia and the West set sail to the Mediterranean, to reinforce the Russian naval fleet in the eastern mediterranean. With the "Kuznetsov" aircraft voyage included "Peter the great" nuclear powered missile cruiser, "North Morse" and "Kulakefu admiral. Large anti submarine destroyers and several battleships. Russian aircraft carrier formation in the Mediterranean, western countries caused concern and worry. According to the Russian military said, some countries even refused to Russian aircraft carrier fleet docked the port. (end)相关的主题文章: