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Robin Li " Baidu brain "   will open the two artificial intelligence platform – the media – original title: Baidu will open the two artificial intelligence platform held today in the "2016 Baidu World Conference of the main forum, Baidu chairman and CEO Robin Li said, mobile Internet using population growth has brought dividends gradually peaked, the world is entering the next scene, including artificial intelligence era. He outside first comprehensive display of Baidu in artificial intelligence work for "Baidu brain", and announced that the majority of developers, entrepreneurs and traditional enterprises to open up its core ability and the underlying technology, many of which are free of charge. In recent years, Baidu has invested a lot of energy in the field of artificial intelligence. In May 2014, it appointed Wu Enda, director of the laboratory of artificial intelligence, Stanford University, as chief scientist, responsible for the leadership of the Baidu research institute. What does artificial intelligence mean for Baidu? I use 4 words to sum up, is the ‘Baidu brain’." Robin Li said. According to Robin Li’s description, 3 years ago, Baidu brain already has the intelligence level of a child of two or three years old, and now Baidu brain IQ has made more progress. He said that Baidu brain has 4 main areas of competence: voice (speech synthesis and recognition), image capabilities, Natural Language Processing capabilities and user portrait. At present, Baidu brain has entered a more mature stage in the cultivation of speech ability. In the keynote speech, Robin Li also shows the results of Baidu’s brain and all walks of life combined. For example, L’OREAL Baidu brain and AR based on the technology innovation in the field of brand marketing, sales breakthrough; "world of Warcraft" produced by legendary pictures Baidu brain user portrait, to achieve precise recommendation, promotion office. According to Robin Li, Baidu brain is mainly composed of artificial intelligence algorithms, computing power and large data structure. With the algorithm, with the ability to calculate, with the data, Baidu brain can begin to work." Robin Li said. At present, Baidu has built large scale brain neural network, with parameters, samples, billion billion trillion feature training, working mechanism can simulate the human brain; hundreds of thousands of GPU servers constitute the Baidu brain entity, to ensure the super computing power of Baidu brain; search data web data, the whole network of more than and 10 years of accumulated. Image, video, and positioning data of ten billion to become Baidu brain food. It is worth mentioning that, Baidu also announced that the open platform of Baidu brain ( and Baidu deep learning platform (PaddlePaddle) to developers and enterprises, and many will be provided free of charge. Wu Enda said that this is to change more industries. He believes that artificial intelligence is a new power, can be like 100 years ago, the same as the power to change a lot of industries. (Chinese Youth Daily? Youth online reporter Wang Lin) (commissioning editor Song Xinrui and Yan Shuai)相关的主题文章: