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Richie Ren Guangzhou to help sing classic "star celebration of the heart" – in November 22nd, Richie Ren appeared in Guangzhou, such as a cosmetic hospital anniversary ceremony star. That night he brought "the heart", "across from the girl", "waves", "sad the Pacific Ocean" and other classic songs, let everyone listen. During his nearly 26 years, Richie Ren brought us countless classic sung song popular in high streets and back lanes, despite the passage of time, but he is still remembered that holding the guitar singing the song into the sunshine boys, know what year he also live and share his youthful secrets. In addition, the new generation of love song Prince single course and Hong Kong Style ballad singer Maple Hui also participated in the show. Single flight is a star China pop music scene, magnetic voice memorable, fresh temperament is modest, good sound younger generation of rare recognition is particularly strong. That night, he interpreted the scene, I care about you, the actor and other classic tracks, for everyone to show a wonderful audio-visual feast. As a senior partner with Julian Cheung, had repeatedly hits, a corner in the Hong Kong version of "journey to the west" Haier Hongkong singer and entertainer Maple Hui, at the scene will bring "maple leaves", "rare lovers" and other songs, led everyone together to relive the classic.相关的主题文章: