Reminder Dortmund Bundesliga striker Aubameyang scored 6 goals in 8 games coscoqd

Reminder: Dortmund Bundesliga striker Aubameyang scored 6 goals in 8 games in the Bundesliga football] prediction analysis: Dortmund vs Hamburg start time: 2016-11-05 22:30 analysis: FUN88 game ball: 5.80 4.25 1.45 first lost: 6.40 4.30 1.51 FUN88 instant burger? Saturday morning, De Jiaji continued to play, Hamburg and Dortmund will be launched in the former home court contest. As of last season? Hamburg Bundesliga teams, their season was too horrible to look at, after 9 league they only scored 2 points, currently holds the vice monitor position, the team’s recent overall status difference remarkable. Although the cut with a 4-0 win over Hamburg? Jares last week in the German Cup in advance to the next round, but due to the relatively weak opponents, so this victory is worth noting the significance. The last round of League?, Hamburg away to Cologne, both in the first half 0-0 draw in the case, the second half fed 3 opponents with the ball, the visiting team eventually lost 0-3, the new season winless. Hamburg? Open winless season so far, they only made 2 flat 7 negative bad performance in the past 9 games, 9 games up to 7 opponent was zero seal, it is not difficult to see that the weak offensive team is correct a hidden current, with their back injury due to the lack of online game as many as 7 people, in the face of strong offensive defense Dortmund, Hamburg fiasco. In addition, the Hamburg Bundesliga currently? Or attack the weakest team, they have failed to score 7 League, are currently visible in Hamburg field scored 0.22 goals in the data is not Weakness lends wings to rumours. Dortmund? Dortmund season 34 war 24 wins 6 flat 4 negative 78 points ranked second in the Bundesliga, 10 points from the top of Bayern. The 15 season of the new season, Dortmund, the United States accounted for a total of 9 points in the League standings. The last round of League?, Dortmund home court 0-0 was ailing at Schalke 04. For now? In the title Dortmund, the most depressing is the 4 consecutive league victories, they have been from the top of Bayern and even other top team more and more far. Although the league? Poor record, but the Dortmund new season continued sharp offensive firepower on the season, the team scored 20 goals in 9 league games, scoring more than and 2 in the league in the team, but the defensive end need to improve, averaging more than 1 goals. The team has suffered? SAP cannot do without multi line combat stress, subject to the current lineup is incomplete, such as dum other generals were injured, coach Tucher less choice in paibingbuzhen. ? although the performance in the League to criticize it, but more in the Champions League performance is different, the week in the champions league tournament team 1-0 defeated the Portuguese home court of Lisbon athletics team, Real Madrid 2 points in the high ratio group F Title ahead of qualifying. How much more? Bring a striker Aubameyang praised Aubameyang, continue to have this season)相关的主题文章: