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"Raise children" is the language of violence is not strong is not big Wang Jingyun interpretation of female "raising a child is not easy to love" Xin Baiqing sports Master Tencent entertainment news produced by cool media, Chen Meilin served as producer, Chen Chunxia, Zhou Hairong, Ruan producer Man Qing, directed by Liu Fengsheng, Hairong Tian, Ma Guangyuan pencraft, Xin Baiqing, Jiang Zuping, Gao Guangze, Tian Zhong, Wang Jingyun, Xu Shendong, Jia Zongchao, Liu Jie, Han Yuanqi, Zhang Yiwei and other stars of the year "tear emotional drama of raising a child is not easy" is Liaoning TV hit. Recently, the plot, the factory finally agreed to Yan Family top level, but not want to gossip since four, the county people said Yan family back door. Many users can not help but Li Xinru (Hairong Tian ornaments) voice: just endure the ‘sell baby’, but also to endure the neighborhood language violence, I really hope that she can burst out in silence." Hairong Tian suffered verbal violence "raise children is not easy" tells the story of a gentle introverted and fortitude of Li Xinru, after her husband died due to injuries, a person bear bitter hardships raising five children stories. The play to love moving, selfless love will blend in the story, since the launch will continue to praise, just three days they boarded the micro-blog TV index seventh. The netizen evaluation of the play "Yan high value, down to earth, acting impeccable, everyone comes with a small universe". In the latest broadcast of the story, a family experience selling baby storm after finally reunited, Han Chao (Xin Baiqing ornaments) also helped the family to get the top of the matter. Looks good day finally came, but did not think this is just the beginning of another twists and turns: Li Xinru not only sung by Han Chao was chief of misunderstanding, the old sister-in-law acrimony, is said to be the county many people go to the back door. A time difference, the overwhelming influx of language violence. Li Xinru did not choose to compromise, she firmly believes that innocence is more important than anything, adhere to unless Yan Yan Ping injury, otherwise not the top job. No compromise to uphold the dignity of the real life, the language of violence, violence has been flattering, "invisible violence, language can also be". "Not easy" to raise a child, Li Xinru face the misunderstanding of others and people pointing, not only was not crushed, but with real action bravely to say "no", which not only reflects her insistence on self-esteem, is the best of all kinds of violence in response to the current language. A lot of friends for the story to start hot, many users more bluntly into their own do not have the courage to stand up and the other "inter language violence". Although Li Xinru appears to be weak, the heart is as hard as steel: in five children she pains; she never compromise foreign, sticking to the bottom line. She used her thin shoulders propped up the house, the strength of the interpretation of "female is not strong is not big". Audience evaluation: "raising a child is not easy" let me see the great maternal love, let me see a mother’s principles and integrity".相关的主题文章: