Quasi mother-in-law, Jane Zhang mother hair long mutual tear at Feng Ke – Beijing cheat daughter candy boy

Quasi mother-in-law, mutual tore the news agency of the new network Jane Zhang mother hair long at Feng Ke – reporter Liu Zhongjun photo deceive daughter " src=" cnsupload big 2016 10-09 4-426 f69a4aa9f27547208ffdb5bd516e645a.jpg" title=" October 9th, Jane Zhang saw the fans emotional tears. China News Agency reporter Liu Zhongjun photo " > in October 9th, the first time to see the fans on the emotional tears of Jane Zhang. China News Agency reporter Liu Zhongjun photo, the mistress unilaterally forced confession…… After around the dolphin singer Jane Zhang, who questioned the controversy yesterday finally usher in a concentrated outbreak — yesterday, Jane Zhang’s mother Ms. Zhang Guiying posted an open letter nearly 1600 words on the Internet, made it clear that does not support the daughter and son-in-law of Feng Ke’s marriage, Feng Ke also directed "cheat daughter, indecent life style to the transfer of shares of the company, the daughter". Less than 5 hours, Feng Ke posted a long response prospective mother-in-law 1000. Half past two yesterday afternoon, Jane Zhang Chengdu concert scheduled a news conference, Jane Zhang tears in the scene, almost cry at all. The family with all the fuss about? Deliberately create hype topic…… Suspicions spread through the network. My mother broke the 1 Pro Card "the mistress" said Jane Zhang and Feng Ke together is the mistress, this statement from Jane Zhang in 2005 with the "super girl" debut has been accompanied by her mother Liangying in an open letter yesterday finally confirmed. This is the first big break in Liangying’s mother’s open letter. Jane Zhang’s mother, Ms. Zhang Guiying said in an open letter, said: at that time, Feng and Liangying said he had been divorced for three years. I don’t believe him…… I don’t think he can divorce. For Feng Ke said I have been later confirmed that everything is half believe and half doubt, lies, and similar lies in thirteen years has been accompanied by her." 2 Feng Ke Jane Zhang broke the news to the transfer shares of the company in 2005 with the "super girl" became popular after the creation of the Beijing Culture Communication Co., Ltd. less city times. Jane Zhang’s mother said in an open letter, the company accounted for 20% of the shares in was accounted for by himself, Feng Ke, and the remaining 70% in the name of the name of the 10% in the name of the mother of the company in the name of the name of the company in 2013. In August 2014 the company registered capital of 6 million 600 thousand yuan from the original growth of $10 million, my equity becomes less, then only the proportion of the company’s equity ratio of 5%, while Feng Ke equity ratio of 60%, accounting for the proportion of the proportion of the equity of Liangying. In November 24, 2014, I was in the hands of shareholders and shareholders of all illegal deprivation. This series of changes occurred when Liangying and I did not know, and I did not sign any agreement with Liangying. So Feng Ke has become the largest shareholder of the company, but also make me sad is the external Feng said Liangying is the largest shareholder." The text of this group newspaper reporter Qiu Jinyi"相关的主题文章: