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PuYi was expelled from the the Imperial Palace has been a feeling after reading a sigh of regret "in Beijing – you don’t know PuYi" Author: Jia Yinghua "people’s Literature Publishing House published in June 2016 the last emperor PuYi as everyone knows the context of life, but many details have been submerged in history. What are the stories behind PuYi’s life? Which stories are closer to the historical truth? The expert Jia Yinghua took thirty years to interview more than and 300 people around Pu Yi, Han people know mining Puyi life behind the story, reveals the late Qing Dynasty palace unheard of historical details in the book for the first time disclosure of many precious photos and artifacts, let you see another point of puyi." In fact, the Republic of the government did not put PuYi in the eyes of the day of November 5, 1924, PuYi was expelled from the Imperial Palace. One day earlier, PuYi with a telescope in Imperial Garden at Jingshan Hill, see outward secretly? And the Forbidden City Guard troops be replaced by grey uniform national, don’t be frightened and change color. PuYi quickly to ask, get the tip is, the Forbidden City has incorporated the guard army sixteen division Feng Yuxiang before, at the same time rate of two division troops troops in Nanyuan. He side keep running report: "the event is not good, the Emperor may be thrown out of the Imperial Palace." The result of PuYi’s discussions with the emperors was that, in any way, Feng Yuxiang was persuaded. Here to disclose a historical. Although the oceans do not claim to Japanese but to Puyi, Puyi in "Dili intrauterine" status, but spare no effort. Most people don’t know is that when the oceans in front of the palace, more than once rushed to the Nanyuan garrison camp, trying to persuade Feng Yuxiang not to "force the emperor to abdicate". Feng Yuxiang under the national army, a military officer, army style, do not see any difference. When the oceans were admitted into the Nanyuan garrison of the living room, I saw a man wearing a grey cloth coat in the back face stood there, he decided that the man must be Feng Yuxiang’s boy, he politely asked: "excuse me, to review Feng in the camp?" Unexpectedly, the man immediately turned around, a loud voice replied: "I am Feng Yuxiang." Feng listened, don’t be startled at. Two people meet in this accident, natural disagreeable conversation. Not to say a few words, Feng Yuxiang was expelled. After Feng again with Feng Yuxiang face to face interview, also gave expensive gifts, but Feng Yuxiang is just a ceremony of the Philippines, the slightest is immovable, the oceans become dejected and despondent fail. In fact, PuYi had seen Feng Yuxiang teacher Chen Baochen to Patty, want to take the opportunity to win over him, to preserve PuYi’s throne. Chen Baochen before his departure, the Pu Yi said: "I heard Feng Yuxiang, well armed forces, and general different warlords." Chen Baochen wanted to think, just to name the person to come to visit. Feng Yuxiang met, but also talked a short time, but did not receive any effect. Back to the palace, Chen Baochen Feng Yuxiang praised the troops disciplined, often engaged in good repair bridges and roads, Feng Yuxiang forthright, and. For reasons of success, Chen Baochen said Feng Yuxiang uncertainly of Puyi, may have on the emperor’s teacher’s identity is not interested in this)相关的主题文章: