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Psychology of marriage: wife 4 strokes become hollowed out of the body (Figure) fairy wife 4 strokes become hollowed out of the body fairy many people don’t want to get married is afraid of change in love after marriage, although some people say that you love her regardless of her what you love, but the reality is that many couples divorce is because the other people and become the he began to know more and more far, he appeared more and more unbearable. If a woman wants to leave a good impression on her lover after marriage, do these 4 points is not bad. 1, mouth can’t gossip with friends and family together homely time, try not to like a cat like to pry into other people’s privacy, but also not in the side to help campaign, tirade can spread everywhere, said the three men do not enjoy four but they are actually love a woman who said some small words on the surface. 2, timely disclosure shame state own any woman should know, a shy woman when the most beautiful, is very precious, when at the appropriate time in front of a man to express his "shy to be put, rather than verbally hung old" I love you "let the woman people love? 3, to give him a title in the wedding had at that time of joy and surprise, running slowly in the past, into a dead calm period, this time a woman to show you the time, send him a lovely name, closer to the distance between the two of you. 4, no Ayutthaya lovely no man love a distrustful woman. All things are bad woman, even if it’s true love, this man is very hard to live. Those big mind, will let the man’s heart a shock, even in their own mood is not high, the feeling of such a woman, how can a man no spirit? Exclusive statement: This article exclusively authorized by the Sina, without permission shall not be reproduced.相关的主题文章: