Problems Associated With Loose

Dental-Care Dentures replace the form and function of missing teeth in a quick manner. This teeth replacement restores the healthy appearance of a smile by filling in the unsightly absence of natural teeth, and also helps bring back the normal function of the teeth. Dentures are created to .fortably fit inside the mouth to facilitate normal use and smile appearance, and are made to tightly rest against the gums and palate. Removable dentures, however, will eventually lose their .fortable fit as time goes by. This is mainly due to the deterioration of the jawbone with the loss of the natural tooth roots, which stimulate the jawbone tissue to retain the healthy bone quality. Dentures as teeth replacements do not address the problem of missing tooth roots, and long-term denture use causes results to the loss of the once-.fortable denture fit. Loose Denture Problems Painful Denture Use As dentures be.e loose, they start to rub uncontrollably against the gums, palate, and the soft inner mouth tissue. The repeated friction leads to significant dis.fort for the denture wearer, who may have to deal with constant problems with mouth sores or mouth ulcers. Difficulties in Speaking A person wearing loose dentures may find it hard to speak clearly with the uncontrolled denture movement. In some cases, the dentures may even .pletely fall out of the mouth when the denture user is talking. Chewing Difficulties Wearing loose dentures can be a challenge during mealtimes. Biting on hard or chewy food items can dislodge the dentures, which can in turn lead to accidental biting of the tongue or other soft areas inside the mouth. Chewing can also be difficult to do, with pieces of food that can get in the way as the dentures move from their normal position with every small movement. Unnatural Appearance The movement of loose dentures can make the smile look abnormal, especially if the dentures do not go back to their regular position because of the ill fit. The simple act of opening the mouth or smiling can result to an unattractive appearance, which can be aggravated when spaces between the gums and the denture are easily visible due to the loosening of the dental prosthetic. Embarrassment Those who have ill-fitting dentures are constantly plagued with the feeling of being embarrassed about their appearance. The unnatural way that the loose dentures fit inside the mouth has a drastic effect on the appearance of the smile, making it unattractive. There is also the constant fear of the dentures falling out of the mouth .pletely with the slightest movement, causing a very embarrassing experience especially during social interactions. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: