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Travel-and-Leisure New York City boasts more for its amazing sights than anywhere else in the US, New York has a charm to make people feel as if they know the city before they’ve even been there. In my article I have mention the top-most places to visit and things to do in New York, so that the visitors can easily figure out the most important places to see. So if you are in USA planning next visit to New York then book visit us and bookcheap airline tickets. Ellis Island: This Island is where the history of New York began. You can visit for free and enjoy the ferry ride to and from the island. The Ellis Island Immigration Museum is an astounding showcase of American history. The Empire State Building: This building is New York’s icon. Visitors from all over the world come to New York to see the Empire State Building. There is an observation deck where you can take in the immense city. Dave and Busters is a unique dining experience while offering a wide selection of gaming options. This is not your average arcade food by any means. In fact, this isn’t your kids arcade or their arcade games. Dave and Busters offers good food and great fun under one roof and if you have the chance I recommend you take the big kid in you to try it out. Grand Central Station is not just the busiest transportation hub in the city, but also one of the best places to view beautiful architecture. Take a friend with you when you visit, and if you call into the domed area outside the Oyster Bar, with you and your friend standing at diagonally opposing pillars, you will find out that a mere whisper from your friend will reach you clear as a bell. Such is the beauty of the architecture of this building that it magnifies even a whisper. Broadway is one of if not the most well known theatre districts in the entire world. Broadway provides the opportunity to see the greatest plays and musicals on offer from classics such as The Phantom of the Opera and Les Misrables to modern productions including Spamalot and Tarzan. The spell-binding performances are a superb way to enjoy an evening in New York. Metropolitan Museum of Art- The largest in the Western hemisphere, this museum is popular not just for its size of 1.6 million square feet but also for its magnificent collection of world cultural displays. Beginning with the Roman and Greek Galleries to vast Egyptian collections, the Museum has several highlights that can leave visitors wanting to come back for another visit. The ESPN Zone is a great place to spend the day with the family. They offer food, fun, and 200 televisions. Who could ask for more? The food is American grill type food and the entertainment is for the most part sports themed and interactive. If you’re looking for a great way to bond with the kids this is definitely better than Chuck E. Cheese, especially for the slightly older kids. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: