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People love to parent-child attractions many domestic popular scenic limiting National Day golden week is approaching. During the national day of Wuhan love to the attractions are: Wuhan Haichang polar ocean world, Guangzhou Long International Circus theatre, Shanghai Disney Park, Wuhan Happy Valley, Zhangjiajie national Forest Park, almost all of the most popular place for family fun. Unlike in previous years, this year, eleven domestic Jiuzhaigou and many other popular scenic areas will be limited, consumers need to book tickets in advance. Online travel electricity supplier before the festival has launched a big promotion activities, nearly 1000 popular scenic spots in the country, including Wuhan, including some scenic spots, including the purchase price of $1 per day, the maximum savings of $240. The reporter consulted Ctrip data show that Wuhan Yellow Crane Tower, Mulan Tianchi, Yichang Three Gorges waterfall, Chaibuxi Grand Canyon, Enshi Three Gorges Jingmen wild, ancient fortress and other scenic spots in the 1 yuan to grab votes activities. In addition to ticket concessions, but also involves a day tour and other local travel service products. During the national day, Wuhan outbound booking is also popular, with 6 -8 days of travel, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia and other popular. Domestic travel, more than 4 days long tour into the mainstream, Sanya, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Xiamen ranked domestic travel destination TOP5. Travel around, around the hotel Wuhan is 3.8 times the same period last year, mainly concentrated in the price between 200 yuan -500 yuan, accounting for 36.7%; followed by 500 yuan -800 yuan, accounting for 22.6%, The Inn Boutique, and other types of popular breakfast. (reporter correspondent Yang Yong, Dai Hui, Ge Lili)相关的主题文章: