Patients with infusion that had recently been investigated ant drug suppliers webquest

Patients with infusion found in ant drug suppliers have been investigated recent news review: Guangxi Hepu patient transfusion infusion bottle found ants Southland morning news (reporter   Peng Qing) in early September of this year, an old man in Hepu County town of residence of the infusion center hospital treatment, found an ant appeared in the bottle. After the incident, the hospital apologized to the elderly, and is willing to give some compensation, the relevant local departments are also involved in the investigation (newspaper October 30th A4 version has been reported). November 3rd, the reporter was informed that someone’s drug purchased from Guangxi Ping Tong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and the company due to serious illegal business, has recently been investigated. Currently, the autonomous region food and drug regulatory authorities are on the company’s drug flow traced. The same batch of drug inspection has been Hepu County food and Drug Supervision Bureau relevant responsible person told the reporter that there are two kinds of ants in bottle injection, respectively "5% Glucose Injection" and "Shenmai injection". After receiving complaints, the Council has two kinds of drugs in the same batch of sampling inspection. However, as of November 3rd, there have been no test results. Consultation with the patient and the hospital has not yet been results. According to Zhu Wei, Vice President Mansion Town Center Hospital, verified the transfusion bottle does have ants, the timely communication with patients, but the two sides have been unable to reach agreement. Family members of patients require hospital compensation 300 thousand yuan, and the patient is responsible for lifelong hospitalization." Zhu Wei said, let the hospital to accept the request of the families. The reporter then confirmed to the patient’s family, but the other did not respond. Zhu Wei said that in October 24th, the hospital requested Hepu County Health Bureau and the county medical dispute mediation center to coordinate the matter, when the patient has agreed to take the judicial process, and copy medical records, in the four witness sealed the medicines and medical records. Zhu Wei said: the patient can be identified by medical malpractice or judicial proceedings to resolve the matter, if the court ruled that the health sector, the hospital is willing to bear the corresponding responsibility." Due to the recent illegal drug suppliers checked reporters by reliable sources that the injection involved purchased from Guangxi Ping Tang Pharmaceutical limited liability company. And in the near future, the company had serious illegal business, has been the State Food and Drug Administration requirements for investigation. According to the previous inspection found that Guangxi Ping Tong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is suspected of providing the conditions for individual illegal drugs. Among them, the scene seized the purchase and sale of the notes show that Liu and other people (the staff) the enterprise qualification bills, buying and selling drugs, suspected of personal management. The company’s warehouse temperature and humidity monitoring system has to change the temperature and humidity data applications, the temperature data recorded in the cool room there are obvious signs of human modification. The area of the warehouse management and the scale does not fit at the warehouse wall mildew, the existence of water. The license is outside the scope of kangaroo storage of drugs, no temperature and humidity monitoring equipment. In addition, the company also exists to evade inspection behavior. October 24th, the autonomous region food and drug administration official website announced that the Guangxi Ping Tong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a serious violation of the "drug management quality management standards," according to the "drug quality management regulations.相关的主题文章: