Parents should not say the most parent-child communication

Parents should not say the most important thing is to speak the language of the most offensive weapon, and sometimes my mother blurted out the words would actually hurt the child. The following 5 sentences how much parents have said to the child, but you know, for a long time the child said these words will have a negative effect on the development of children’s mental health. So mom and Dad, no matter how angry you are, please control your emotions and avoid these say angry words. 1, "idiot! Useless things!" Playback: examination paper hair down, she still failed in mathematics, little tutorial role every night, my mother is very angry to say: "idiot! Useless things! How always fail." The age of the child hours is not enough to distinguish between true and false words of parents, so they tend to understand the words of adults from the literal meaning, while the children are most afraid of the others call him stupid, he did not understand why they always make mistakes, learn something so hard. Parents angry at the time that the child is stupid, in the baby seems to be a denial of their ability, mom and dad do not like themselves. The children are parents of invisible label, the label effect make children have a psychological hint, that their ability is poor, as well as others, long-term will make children self-esteem and self-confidence severely affected. The right approach: in the face of a similar situation, parents should first take a deep breath, stabilize their emotions, then calmly and children said that children can work harder, parents should also listen to the children to tell the truth, he may not love a night cram, maybe he just missed the test, analysis of the causes of failure parents and children together patiently, and actively looking for solutions. Scold the child stupid and can not solve the problem, criticism of the child should also be aimed at the event itself rather than personality. 2, "shut up! Why do you always do not listen "playback scenarios: saw love toy train on the street, in the street shouting to buy my mother, the people in the street to look over, the noisy children let mother embarrassed mother angry, shouted:" shut up! Why don’t you listen to me?!" And dragged the child away. A wayward child, not obedient really let parents very headache, but parents and teachers let the children to "shut up", "obedient", parents always let the children obediently obedient, very easy to make children become timid, depressed, cautious, and even do fear, always watching others face acting, easy to lose self, completely heteronomy. The correct approach: parents should pay attention to the development of children’s independent personality, cultivate independent children. Not too much to curb the child’s desire, as much as possible to give children more freedom and greater space for development. Obedience only allows parents to better discipline their children, but can not let the child healthy and complete development of personality. Parents in life should encourage children to have their own ideas, give the child to argue power, as long as the child can make things clear, or can be justified, parents should give the greatest encouragement. Listen carefully to the child’s ideas, not just to better constrain the child and let the child obedient, parents should not impose the will. 3, "I don’t care about you any more, as you will." Scene playback: 6~相关的主题文章: