Our ten years to open the journey of time to awaken the memory of youth (video) musiland

"Our ten years" opening time of the trip to wake up memories of youth "our ten years" special events Zhao Liying takes you to relive the Youth Entertainment News Director of the Tencent by Ma Weihao, Liu served as director, Zhao Liying, Qiao Renliang, Wu Yingjie, starring Ban Jiajia, Fan Yichen, Feng Mingchao starring youth nostalgia movie "our ten years" on September 2nd blockbuster release. Today, the film side released a year where you are the topic of video, ten years of social events and scenes in the film staggered integration, the real picture to evoke the audience’s memorable memories of youth. Ten years of events has moved a bittersweet and colorful youth movie "reduction of our ten years of" heavy launch "that year where you are" topic of video, just 3 minutes is concentrated in the most precious memories of a generation of youth, track 80, 90 reduction. The video regardless of the form or content design are very creative features on the screen style, the overall strong nostalgia with film, watch movement and other objects, create a full sense of time; in the form of content in the news clipping way to ten years of social events unfold, combine the movie clips it is bring to the audience countless memories of youth. In the video, 03 years, 05 years, SARS super 512 earthquake 16 years, women’s volleyball team won the Austrian crown and other social events appeared in the movie stars also staged their ten year story, 2003, Zhang Jingyi (Zhao Liying ornaments) and Chen Yi Connaught (Wu Yingjie ornaments) together to know God Guo Yuchen (Qiao Renliang ornaments), the moment young heart quietly tremor; in 2005, Liang Xiaoyi (Ban Jiajia) and her boyfriend Zhuofeng (Feng Mingchao ornaments) to go to Beijing to find their own dreams, but love does not reduce noisy quarrel; the same year, Zhang Jingyi (Zhao Liying), Du Hao (Fan Yichen ornaments) is also the starting point for the cause tired, but most willing to power these old friends in full; 2014 reunion again photo, many years still close. Ten years there are laughter and melancholy, there are success and regret, familiar with the real scene can not help but think of their own time of ten years, causing the audience for the youth of the infinite memories. Warm heart secret movie theme "our ten years" with the release of the video you relive the youth not only exposed more pictures, more through this period of over ten years of video reveals the theme of the movie, starring in ten years of experience as a primer, leading the audience to find their own self regression, exclusive memory. As each audience of ten years, ten years is the protagonist’s laughter and tears is abundant, have fun moment friends, have the airport were not heavy; both dreams ahead of passion, and sorry for missing the chagrin of lost, restore the height of youth story sad remember, those lost time, first entered university, graduation photo, the first to find a job, start a relationship and other scenes of these memories have never been visible before the eyes, the original forget, only in the complicated daily under the weight of the buried deep in my mind. Some netizens said: to see this video, suddenly remembered 06 years of college days, the original has been in the past 10 years, there are people who said, this way down, the original we.相关的主题文章: