Now Furnish Your Pc With Free Android Apps-bree daniels

Software Android is now the most revolutionary operating system for smartphones with thousands upon thousands of free applications, a user-friendly interface and millions of fans worldwide. For this reason, many people want to try this Google’s mobile OS, although they do not have their hands on a smartphone to do so. Therefore, a good way to use it is through a free emulator. A good one is BlueStacks, nothing short of a free Android emulator especially for Windows 7. The same will allow those who are thinking about buying first Android phone, to test applications of the operating system on computer and also giving the chance to test some programs without spending Android phone memory. There are many useful applications for this software. Among its features, BlueStacks allows Android apps start in full screen, mobile apps to share with the computer using BlueStacks Cloud Connect and more. It also incorporates 10 and 26 preloaded applications to install from the Internet and the number will increase over time. It really is a very interesting and original for those who want to begin to see the world without having an Android phone in their hands or who have a smartphone with this OS and want to use their favorite apps on their computers with Windows 7 in full screen. Bluestacks is an emulator that allows you to run Android applications on Windows and soon for Mac. The emulator is still in beta stage, so it is considered a trial version. The installation file is downloadable for free on the developer’s site. Once the installation is complete it will no more be a simple PC, but a gadget. This choice confines the ability to use the emulator to Windows 7 only. Soon it will be a version for Mac. Once you click on the gadget it opens a popup menu with the available applications. Those are pre-installed: Bloomberg, Drag Racing, Free Words, Aporkalipse, Bebbled, Pulse, Alchemy, Talking Tom Cat 2, Bubble Buster, certainly not just the elite applications. Moving on to the actual operation of the emulator, once clicked on, it will open full screen. The application itself works, but the mouse is imprecise and a bit slow on games like Bubble Buster and this undermines the game play. One last note, the test was done on a notebook with i7 processor (quad core) Sandy Bridge and 6GB of RAM but the emulator was slow as described above, so there is no system to determine its speed. I remember however that the project is still in beta stage and we look forward to updates and improvements in performance, in addition of course to a large increase in applications, perhaps inserting some of the most famous. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: