Novice with baby in case of embarrassment! Dong Li was Arale ruthless Tucao you make me

Novice with baby in case of embarrassment! Dong Li was Arale ruthless Tucao: you make me? Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Original title: Dong Li Arale ruthless Tucao: do you make me? Sina entertainment news "Daddy where 4" this week will continue to Xiangxi red stone forest journey, daddy adorable baby who enjoy the fun in the countryside landscape. Practice of the "new force Dong daddy with the baby" has let netizen dumbfounding, have been crazy for "parenting Dafa" this week he actively challenge to daughter Arale shampoo, and the original shape of the baby Arale". Can Arale sweet interaction with dad still does not stop, the oversized coat wearing force "Dad asked Dong you make me?" Sweet again full screen. Arale "beggar" other appealing design for female Dong dad in a period of "father 4" red stone forest tour, Arale to perm hair instant noodles appearance, exquisite face with big fluffy xiaobianer very pleasant, but the kids restless nature, no one to help take care of Arale before how long will become a "beggar" shape, unkempt hair arouses pity. After the completion of the task to go home, Dong dad distressed daughter, take the initiative to give the baby wash hair styling. This force has had some experience in Dong, for the baby to test the water temperature, the towel, make massage done very carefully, but the boy’s character he still does not change the "pit baby" color, shampoo foam to make her daughter a "unicorn" style, Arale also smiled amused the protest "you think my hair is the king!". Arale and sugar! Ask Dong Li: "you make me?" Dong Li baby skills to get the recognition of the baby, Arale is still being taken care of when Dong dad said, I think with Dong dad better than his mother." Let Dong was encouraged by the sweet, looked at her daughter’s eyes smile into a line. But with the baby is not always easy to work, baby shampoo will be accomplished by force Dong accidentally knocked over the water, splash Arale pants, remorse Dong dad immediately without hesitation baby by his coat wrapped in wet. Dad put on Dong oversized coat Arale very adorable beauty, small shoulders twilight, with her father Dong exclusive design of the "Arale", a small peak value once again return to the goddess yan. In the program of gold sentence frequent Arale, this time with dad sweet again jumped out of the interaction. In the affirmation of the father of the East with the baby level, and reveal a clever little expression asked Dad "can you protect me?" Can you fix me?" Dong Li happy to respond to the baby, daddy will always protect you, Dad, of course, make sure you." Sweet interaction between father and daughter so that the scene is full of love. (commissioning editor: Gong Mo Wu) more exciting content, please pay attention to female @ Sina (micro-blog)相关的主题文章: