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A week at the box office is not broken million why not than Sohu   entertainment; "also" in the hunt for seven days at the box office opening barely over eighty million Sohu entertainment Zhuangao (SAM month article) director Cao Baoping is in recent years the Chinese story in one of the directors approved by the audience, in the past two years, "he sun burning heart" and "Xing" two movie also launched a series of four Jin Jue winner, the two films are also in the Shanghai Film Festival debut when he won the excellent reputation. However, less than four days at the box office breaking million "sun burning heart in 2015 hit" also received high evaluation, "2016" but also in the hunt painted seven days after barely over eighty million, in the audience’s influence is far less than the "sun burning heart". After two years, the same "origin" movie two crime theme, released in the same time, why encounter different fate? Steady decline in the market affected: the market than last year’s calm in 2016 after the spring festival film market after the Spring Festival carnival, into a long and slow slow growth. According to data entgroup, as of the end of June, the first half of China film grossed 24 billion 285 million yuan, an increase of 21%, and a few years ago, more than 30% growth compared to 2016 the film market became calm. Several large schedule this year, in addition to the Spring Festival stalls still maintain last year crazy rally, summer three months (June 1st -8 31) film grossed only 12 billion 429 million yuan, basically unchanged from the 2015 summer three months grossed 12 billion 431 million yuan, with the increase in 2015 compared to almost not worth mentioning. But the slow growth of the total box office does not mean that the market is weak, compared with the blind pursuit of IP phenomenon in 2015 this year, the film overall investment has become rational, "popular movie" less, good quality of the film of multi type and multi subject gradually surfaced, instead of giant amount of large minority become the main cumulative box office. In such a situation, including many small and medium volume "movie," hunt also will be on the market, breaking one hundred million pomp converting again. The same file: strong competitors coincided with the "Westward Journey" according to the relevant professional box office data platform to provide information, in September 14th the "Xing also released the first day" row piece volume is only 14%, the first week of filming has been maintained in this row of data under no more room to rise. The scorching sun burning heart is on the first day of the 24.9% row of the film, after the release of 10 days or even once reached a total of 27%, take away the cake 1/4. The schedule of this kind of thing, when life is at the end of August, 2015 and early September, "sun burning heart against multiple" is also the same day opening pressure release, but with its wings of competition is the "Nie concealed woman" and "three cities", although is a masterpiece, the audience is relatively fixed, popular to understand the "sun burning heart" is the movie’s most commercial movie film appearance. This year’s "Xing also" encounter is a generation of young people are like love like a "Westward Journey" series third, edited the film without quality, only with the "Westward Journey" four words, mass foundation.相关的主题文章: