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Automobiles There is nothing like buying a new car. A sense of pride that you feel after buying a new car is just unparalleled. It is true that used carsales are increasing at a much faster rate than new cars but that may be because of many reasons. One can be the recession which is surrounding the global economy. People dont have enough funds to buy a new car which is why, they are choosing the other option that is used cars. The other reason could be the tenure for which a car is bought. Normally, when a person badly needs a new car and does not have money to afford it at present moment; he invariably goes for a used car. In the future, when he acquires the funds he needs for buying a new car, he silently sells his used car and opts for a new one. All these factors and reasons lead to only one destination a brand new four wheeler. People do realize the numerous benefits that they will enjoy if they buy a new car. Following are some of the benefits: No risk related to cars condition Buying a new car eradicates any risk which has to do with cars condition. It does not matter how hard you check a used cars condition, you still cant be 100 % sure. On the other hand, you dont need to worry about the new cars condition since it has not been used by anyone before you. Low maintenance cost You always have to bear higher maintenance costs with a used car. Change of tires, oils, and batteries within few months of buying, is a .mon scenario with used cars. However, with a new car, these things go for a toss. You dont have to worry about tires, oils, batteries at least for first few years. Lesser Interest Rate The finance on the used car is always available at a higher interest rate. This is not the case with new cars. You can save a lot of money on the life of a new car loan. Moreover, the finance on the new car is available easily, even if you have not-so-good credit history. Excellent Warranty schemes You can enjoy some of the most wonderful warranty plans, which can protect your vehicle against any mechanical flaws. Though warranties are also available with used cars, but those are not for a long period. All these factors .bined with sense of satisfaction make new cars the better option than used cars any day, in spite of the high number of used carsales. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: