Net exposure g actress falling cliff, Shuyao Guo issued a document Ping – China

Net exposure G surname actress zhuiya Shuyao Guo issued a "safe – Beijing China Taiwan news network September 28th micro-blog have friends broke the G surname actress cliff", refers to the screen too bloody will not upload, "said the hospital has blocked the news, triggering hot. Many G surname actress was named, including Amber Kuo, Shuyao Guo, and so on, and so on,, and so on, which is a little bit earlier, issued a security report in micro-blog. According to Taiwan media reports, Shuyao Guo was suspected to be the legendary G surname actress, earlier in her micro-blog document: "I now work in Penghu, all safe, thank you care about!! May the actress be safe". Now G actress actress cliff has boarded micro-blog hot search list first, the second is actress Gan Tingting". Gan Tingting from the 16 day no updates to micro-blog, a large number of fans also comments concern, hope she quickly issued a rumor. Gan Tingting at noon in micro-blog issued a document: just finished three drama, I was a small lazy family with a lazy, in late October will be put into the lower part of the play. Thank you for your concern and attention. Everything is fine." (Lining, Taiwan, China)相关的主题文章: