Nanjing, a company intends to sell 2 sets of school district housing security shell Beijing earn 16 googims

A Nanjing company intends to sell 2 sets of Beijing District Housing Security shell for 12 years to earn 16 times as a Nanjing listed company intends to sell 2 sets of Paul shell Beijing School District Housing losses A shares has never lacked "wonderful", if coupled with the crazy property market, it is to let people terrified. The early morning of September 21st, many investors of the circle of friends was *ST Nanjing B scraper, related topic is "listed companies by selling two sets of Beijing District Housing Security shell, Kuangzhuan 16 times in 12 years". Located in Nanjing, a listed company, has been the two consecutive fiscal year was the implementation of the delisting risk warning, and now by selling the two suites can shell? In addition to concern about the stock of fate, investors can not help but sigh: what is the property market crazy, or A shares wonderful? Yangzi Evening News reporter interviewed investors and experts. The A. sequence of events 12 years *ST 16 times Kuangzhuan Nanjing B quasi real *ST Nanjing Paul shell B company name for Nanjing PUTIAN Telecommunications Limited by Share Ltd, formerly known as "Ning B communication", listed in 1997, is currently the Shenzhen stock exchange risk warning board B. Yangzi Evening News reporter according to Wind information inquiry found that the company in September 21, the 6 announcements are: "to the disposal of Beijing city Xicheng District Huai Cypress Street No. 11 building two real estate project asset evaluation report", "independent directors on the company in Beijing real estate assets assessment items", "independent opinions of independent directors on the transfer of real estate in Beijing", "matters of independent opinions on the sale of assets", "Bulletin of the board of directors on the transfer of real estate in Beijing related assets appraisal opinion matters", "the sixth session of the thirty-sixth meeting of the board of directors resolution announcement", the core content is to sell the company earlier start in Beijing two real estate. According to the company announcement, the house was built in July 2004, the valuation date of July 31, 2016 assessment results are as follows: before the assessment of real estate book value of 1 million 297 thousand and 400 yuan, the assessed value of 22 million 726 thousand and 200 yuan, the added value of 21 million 428 thousand and 800 yuan, value-added rate of 1651.68%. The company’s announcement also mentioned: in accordance with the assessment of the value of the transaction, the transfer of the property is expected to produce a net profit of about 12 million yuan. The transfer of the disposal work such as the successful completion of the above two sets of real estate, can timely inventory of non operating real estate resources to obtain certain cash flow, to alleviate the current production management company funds, and can release the inefficient stock of assets to achieve business value of social premium earnings, for the company to complete the annual budget and improve the profitability of play positive and ultimately lay the foundation for the company to improve the operating conditions and the sustained and healthy development." According to the company’s interim report released by the end of August, the first half of 2016 net loss of 21 million 109 thousand and 100 yuan. Analysts pointed out: the Huai Cedar Street building 11 to belong to the home district, Beijing city as the focus of the primary school district room. Intermediary information shows that the average price of the district has more than 110 thousand per square meter, is still rising trend. The cheapest one is a 77 square meters of a room, the current price of 8 million 500 thousand. This means that if the *ST Ning B two suites sold successfully, the loss of the first half of the company can be smooth, Paul shell hope greatly increased..相关的主题文章: