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My mother fell ill baby crying hungry emergency nurses breastfeeding mother ill treatment in the emergency room, 3 month old baby in the side crying hungry. In desperation, Ningbo Yinzhou people’s hospital emergency department of a lactation nurse for the patient’s baby feeding, solved the urgent problem. Recently, the Yinzhou people’s hospital emergency department nurse Wang Shanjun for patients with children breast-feeding spread in the hospital, we have for this "beautiful little guard" point praise. One evening last week, Yinzhou people’s hospital resuscitation room arrived at the gate of a more than 30 year old man, a hand holding a baby in swaddling clothes baby, one hand leaning on a pale young woman vomiting. After a medical examination found that patients are due to fatigue caused by vertigo, dizziness and vomiting, soon the doctor symptomatic treatment, symptoms began to decrease. At that moment, father and baby’s arms suddenly burst into tears, how to coax father is not good, rash. The nurses immediately reminded the father that the child might be hungry. Because the mother is infusion, can not feed the baby, one side of the father at a loss, sweating profusely. The nurse advised the father to buy a bottle and soak the milk powder to feed the baby. Who knows, 3 months old baby has been breast milk, the bottle did not eat, and will not eat, to the bottle crying, that is refused to eat. The emergency department nurses on duty that day, Wang Shanjun is also a breastfeeding mother, saw this and said: "you don’t mind, I will feed the baby, my son is 9 months, I have just milk." With the consent of the baby mother and father, Wang Shanjun immediately wash hands, took the baby, walked into the dressing room to feed the baby. A crying baby hungry and tired, smell the milk immediately small mouth Coushang, may taste with his mother is not the same, a first drink immediately spit it out. Later, I couldn’t help starving, and looked at Wang Shanjun, unlike my mother, who was crying after drinking a few mouthfuls. As Wang Shanjun patted the baby’s back, he said, "hungry, drink."……" Xiao Bao seems to understand, and a mouthful of sucking up, drunk for a while, in Wang Shanjun arms contentedly fell asleep. Wang Shanjun carefully put the children into the hands of the father, also did not forget to tell him her posture, prevent baby. Holding a sleeping baby, the baby father said excitedly: "thank you, not only for my wife to treat my son breast-feeding, really grateful." Side of the bed of the baby, mother began to tears in the corner of the eye, to express gratitude to the nurses. "I also know Mom, three month old child every 2 hours to drink milk, do not drink do not want to sleep." Wang Shanjun said, at that time, she looked at the baby crying badly, looked very distressed, so decided to become a temporary nanny".

妈妈病倒宝宝饿得哭闹 急诊科护士为孩子哺乳   妈妈生病在急诊室就诊,3个月大的宝宝在一旁饿得哭闹不止。无奈之下,宁波鄞州人民医院急诊科一名哺乳期护士为患者宝宝喂奶,解了燃眉之急。近日,鄞州人民医院急诊科护士王善君为患者孩子哺乳的事在院内传开,大家纷纷为这位“美小护”点赞。   上周的一个傍晚,鄞州人民医院抢救室门口来了一位30多岁的男人,一手抱着褓襁里的婴儿,一手还扶着一位面色苍白呕吐不止的年轻妇女。医生检查后发现,患者是因过度疲劳引起的眩晕症,头晕且呕吐不止,很快医生对症治疗,患者的症状开始有所减轻。   正在这时,爸爸怀中的宝宝突然嚎啕大哭,爸爸怎么哄也不见好,急得团团转。护士们立即提醒这位爸爸,孩子可能是饿了。由于妈妈正在输液,不能给孩子喂奶,一边的爸爸不知所措,急得满头大汗。   护士建议这位爸爸去买奶瓶泡奶粉来喂宝宝。谁知3个月大的宝宝一直是吃母乳的,奶瓶没吃过,也不会吃,对着奶瓶大哭,就是不肯吃。   急诊科护士当天值班王善君也是一位哺乳期妈妈,见到这种情况说:“你们不介意的话,我来喂宝宝,我儿子9个月,我刚好有奶。”征得宝宝爸妈同意后,王善君立刻洗手接过宝宝,走进更衣室给孩子喂奶。   哭闹了半天的宝宝又饿又累,闻到奶香立马小嘴凑上来,可能味道跟他妈妈的不一样,喝了第一口马上吐出来。后来忍不住饿,看看王善君,不像妈妈,喝几口以后又咧着嘴哭。王善君一边轻拍宝宝的背,一边呢喃:“饿了吧,快喝吧……”小宝好像听懂了,一口一口吸吮起来,猛喝一阵在王善君怀里满足地睡着了。王善君小心地把孩子交到爸爸手中,还不忘叮嘱他抱娃的姿势,防止宝宝吐奶。   抱着安睡的宝宝,宝宝爸爸激动地说:“谢谢你们,不但为我老婆治病,还给我儿子哺乳,真的太感谢了。”一旁病床上的宝宝妈妈眼角开始泛着泪花,向护士们表示感谢。   “我自己也是妈妈,知道三个月大的孩子每隔2个小时左右就要喝奶的,不喝怎么也不肯睡的。”王善君说,当时她看着那个宝宝哭得厉害,看着很心疼,所以果断当起了“临时奶妈”。相关的主题文章: