More than 7 students in the office beat the teacher within 1 minutes to start (Figure)

More than 7 students in the office beat the teacher within 1 minutes to start the task (Figure) original title: Sichuan students in the office of the teacher as well as students in front of the camera broke the news micro-blog screenshot. Video capture. Video capture. China Youth Network Beijing October 6, recently, more than micro-blog friends broke the news, a college student in Sichuan office beating the teacher, and attached to the live video. According to micro-blog, "in September 29th, because the teacher does not agree with the students leave school early, 7 students to the classroom teachers and students in the beating, door camera. The teacher did not suffer from first to last. Alarm to the police station, because the batterer is under 16 years old, was taken away by his parents, no apology. Further verification of the relevant circumstances". China youth network reporter observed that the teachers’ office video gathered at least 5 students, one of the students 1 minutes to at least 1 teachers to 7 times, and acrimony. As of October 6th, the lower left corner of the video has been played 390 thousand times. October 6th China Youth Network reporter contacted the Department of Commerce and industry, Sichuan Province, micro-blog broke the news pointed to the location of the Deyang Municipal Bureau of education. A staff member confirmed that it did happen, the Education Bureau and the school has been communication, the specific circumstances she is not clear. According to the numbers provided by the staff of the Bureau of education, China Youth Network reporter contacted the Sichuan trade school, the other said, wrong, what things to ask again, then hang up.相关的主题文章: