Mid autumn Beijing 60 business enterprises cumulative sales of 2 billion 10 million, an increase of -ca4111

Mid Autumn Festival Beijing 60 business enterprises total sales of 2 billion 10 million year on year growth of 6.6%- Sohu news during the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, the city’s commercial promotional tricks, moon cake category rich price close to the people. Beijing Morning Post reporter visited the market to see, the market of grain, vegetables, pork and other necessities adequate supply, Municipal Commission of Commerce focus on monitoring the 60 commercial service enterprises, the 3 day holiday total retail sales of 2 billion 10 million yuan, an increase of 6.6%. The promotion of the store with a combination of traditional folk major shopping malls during the festival highlight the experience of the scene and folk culture, the introduction of a variety of promotional activities. Caibai company launched the "happy life, love in the food", buy gold and silver jewelry gift, full full draw, but also participate in the lucky lucky game. Issued by the Chinese Gold Coin Corporation 2017 Ding Younian (chicken) silver bar of the year, just before starting to catch up in the food, the Mid Autumn Festival, also ushered in the hot, many consumers into the store to the new year products counter. It is reported that this is the 2008 lunar year tenth (rat) silver group he Suiyin after product release, a total of 5 specifications, respectively 1000 grams, 500 grams, 200 grams, 100 grams and 50 grams, circulation were 1300, 2200, 6000, 40000 and 78000. The fineness was 99.9%. The first outlet total purchase of 500 yuan a gift moon cake; Wumart "mid autumn festival happy reunion theme promotions shopping full 100 yuan to send 50 yuan gifts, leaflets small ticket shopping full 38 yuan can buy the designated goods. During the festival, suning.com (store), the first Oteri J, Carrefour sales grew more than 10%. Daoxiangcun push 3D printing cake to eat moon cake is the traditional folk festival, this year’s moon cake market with the new pattern of more, but the price is more close to the people. Moon cake packaging with simple, environmental protection for the mainstream, more use of paper packaging. Boxed cakes in 200 yuan per box, bulk moon cake more in each 10 yuan. Some manufacturers introduced French red wine, green tea with cranberry and French walnut cheese taste moon cake cake; first introduced the time-honored daoxiangcun 3D making use of three-dimensional printing technology the time-honored Wuyutai tea cakes; in addition to the traditional moon cake Jasmine Tea a gilded signboard, tea, tea gift has become one of the most popular varieties. Wuyutai tea cakes this year to maintain a consistent first parity style, divided into 168 yuan and 268 yuan two files, add four new flavors of moon cake, divided into Chaozhou and Su two, Chaozhou style moon cakes with sweet scented osmanthus Oolong Tea stuffing; the other three were Black Tea Soviet style moon cake stuffing, egg yolk, jasmine tea rose tea moon cake stuffing, stuffing, listed only half a month is almost sold out. Time-honored have evening shift business reporters from a number of time-honored learned during the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, Shichahai and living with the earth, restaurant, hope building, West to Shun and time-honored sales rose in 20%. Another smooth, tongheju, tongchunyuan, song garden restaurant, home casserole time-honored sales more than usual increase of 2 times, in the time-honored line.相关的主题文章: