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UnCategorized It’s a year ago since Barack Obama entered the White House amid a clamour of hope and optimism the like of which we have never seen. All sorts of people rejoiced not least fashion designers. The reason was standing next to him. His wife Michelle’s effortless and very unique sense of style was copied all over the world. She promised to be a one woman marketing campaign, spreading lustre on whatever she chose to wear. Among other things her penchant for cardigans raised hopes of a renaissance in ladies knitwear. So has she delivered? Well in the end the answer is much the same as her husband’s first year in office: yes and no. Sales of ladies knitwear have not taken off in the way many people hoped. In fact during 2009 they fell markedly. It seems that even someone as influential as Mrs O couldn’t make knitting cool. At the same time, though, she has changed the conversation. Fashion circles are now talking seriously about cardigans as high fashion accessories. Experts tell us the effect will only truly be felt when we see the next generation of buyers and designers. As with Barack, she may not have quite delivered on her immense promise, but the outlook remains positive. Of course it’s not surprising that Michelle Obama should have such a strong effect on fashion trends. Any prominent and glamorous woman with a strong sense of style tends to have an effect on the world around her. The difference is that for the first time since Jackie Kennedy America has a first lady who doesn’t look like an extra from the Rocky Horror Show. It is in other words the Diana effect. Both she and Jackie Kennedy served as style icons to the world; their every fashion choice scrutinised by the world’s media. However, the current first lady is something altogether different. Diana and Jackie Kennedy were aspiration models – a fantasy of style that most people could never hope to match. What Michelle Obama does is make fashion accessible to everyone around her. There is nothing elitist about her choice, hence the bubbling hopes of everyone involved in the ladies knitwear industry. They don’t need to see the firm hard currency in their hands to know the potential on offer. After all, we’ve just been through one of the worst financial crisis points in history. Sales have been falling across the board. The question is – how can Obama effect the scene in the recovery. As we look set to enter a new age of .mon sense, she surely represents an ideal role model for a less extravagant age. Will ladies knitwear be.e the next big fashion craze of 2010? Only time will tell. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: