Messy hongpailou why frequent high land price to buy is the area in the future sunny came home

Messy hongpailou why frequent high land price to buy is the area in the future in November the first shot of soil, hongpailou Street Taiping Village three groups of 10 acres of land on the auction platform, after several rounds of bidding, the final parcel to 12000 yuan square meters of floor price of the transaction, never disappointing "King" hongpailou again the high price of land. Originally the Friday auction 1, hongpailou street Taipingcun 7 block, has been suspended by the auction. But the familiar hongpailou knows that this area is a large cluttered environment, two is common in the sale price is not high, the three is when many take the high price of land are put in there before release. Why hongpailou still can obtain a large number of developers in hot pursuit, then high frequent? Regional status quo: cluttered environment, traditional auto parts market Home Furnishing entrenched Chengdu daily real estate reporter before the date in hongpailou field visits to understand, because the subway metro line 7, line 3, line 10 subway line extension in a large number of traffic intensive construction, upgrading the let area a bit messy, the overall feeling is poor. Hongpailou business upgrading slogan shouted though for many years, but until now the hongpailou sector still with auto parts, automotive supplies professional market and car accessories retail, second-hand car market, Home Furnishing building materials. Other areas are mainly around the commercial products and auto parts industry development Home Furnishing rise. For example, around Jia Ling Road, the main business forms can still see the long-term presence in this Pacific Home Furnishing, Meikailong, auto parts market and nine peak exhibition second-hand car market. At the same time, there are some relatively old industrial buildings and old residential areas. Not only that, hongpailou Plaza to three direction of a long time in the construction state but also bring some difficulties for the development. Overall, the current environment hongpailou market does exist the old business more low-end, industry city form messy, regional quality is not high real problem. Recommended reading: job placement fee charging high prices Luzhou Hejiang litchi production worth up loophole to sell high priced foreign lychee survey Sichuan Dazhou students’ post: high degree liquor expensive scare Sichuan 7 young consumers in Bazhong a school canteen forced students to buy high priced items to buy their own are not allowed in the dormitory of Chengdu uncle to buy high floor 1223 yuan square a bubble out: fake market conditions: ranging in the sale of the project quality, prices rose slowly overall environment, let the red building estate market in the sale of items ranging from the level of quality, showing a different situation. For example, in the scope of this market, both positioned in the high-end real estate, etc., the project price, the size of the area are relatively large, there are many just need projects. At the same time, in the area of tall on the project with the project just need to get each other, the project layout is very confused. For example, the reporter saw at the scene, and positioning for the quality of the house is a real estate is a high street just need to project. The first floor are the community shops, mainly the traditional auto parts stores, format layout is messy. Across the street style is different, people feel split. In addition to the project layout confusion, hongpailou selling相关的主题文章: