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Many female college students trapped naked storm! The monthly interest rate of 20%, the money is not sent nude 5000 dollars, for many people may only buy a mobile phone, but in the "naked loan circle", has enough money temptation college girl nude photos, borrow usury, no money to pay down fall into the trap. Zhang Ya is one of the victims. It is under the age of 20 she came a year ago from Sichuan County in a university in Liaocheng, more than two months ago, she borrow treasure platform to borrow 5000 yuan, now already had the repayment of the day, the face of creditors step by step, she can only agree to their demands, puttied. Naked loan to change the fate of the students on Zhang Ya’s last September 26th to repay the loan period, creditors would declare, if there is no money, the two self nude video and photo, along with her family, the information will be published in the University, the school Post Bar and related QQ group. Before the start of the summer this year, Zhang Ya through the loan treasure platform to get a loan of 5000 yuan, the two sides agreed to interest of $20% per month for a period of one month. The creditors request, she took her nude photo and a 5 minute indecent video, video of her identity card on his chest and other parts of the body to shoot photos to each other. Does Zhang Ya know the consequences of money, so she starts in September before they hurried back. Originally, in September 8, Sichuan home in rice season, she had to throw their work, back to school to repay the idea. "Doing some part-time jobs, but also have what way, in addition to the debt, tuition is 4000 yuan no fill." The same as the Sichuan girl Xiaoyu also for a few months ago bare loan facing life predicament. Prior to a venture failed to let her back more than 30 thousand yuan of debt, so she had to bare loan emergency. Because the maturity is not the money, the creditors are "selling" around her, this was born in 1996 in Szechuan, every month the "nurturing fee price for 7000 yuan, she can also go out with the man. In fact, in addition to Zhang Yahe jade, there has been a considerable amount of female students fall into the bare loan trap a lot of video, photos were leaked. Reporters in recent months to collect data show that Shandong, Beijing, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Sichuan and other places hundreds of girls are victims. Naked loan is terrible, once it is not on the money, and even parents will receive SMS reminders, or a child’s nude." One insider said, Yantai had a university girl naked face all day long overdue loans, creditors Dun, and finally by the whole dormitory couqian would survive the storm. In the middle and a school girl is less than, because in a bare borrow to fill in their class QQ number, there are a lot of strangers every day after the late group, group has been set to prohibit any person to join. It is understood that more than a year ago, the country’s first campus naked loans rise in the southern region, the province is currently a lot of female students in Jiangsu, Guangdong and other places. "Campus loans many years ago, some students in order to meet their high consumer demand for people to borrow money, but the ability to repay is very low, so overdue, bad debt situation, and then a相关的主题文章: