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The two men care workers daughter daughter ran away from home with original title: man said the workers take care of two daughter 12 year old daughter was actually runaways Lee posted missing person looking for daughter Li Mengyao new culture new culture news reporter Wang Qiang photo (reporter Su Hang) "my 12 year old daughter ran away, please see the child who can provide a clue." 6 days, Jilin citizens Mr. Lee came to the new culture newspaper for help, and he is to have a 14 year old girl Mary (a pseudonym). "My girl is away, mainly because of the two little girls I’ve been taking care of for a long time." Mr Lee looked at with the little girl said, he is famous of the workers, the workers have two daughters, with Mary is one of them, there is a 10 year old girl. Three years ago, the workers because of the frequent drinking, gave him two children to take care of. "I have a good relationship with my co-workers and I take his two daughters as his own." Lee said that many years ago divorced workers, life is more difficult, often drink big wine, simply can not take care of the two children, under the request of the workers, he had to get the two sisters around. "My girl was conflicted at first." Lee said he was divorced, the child has been followed him, suddenly came to a similar age of two strange children, the girl can not accept. "My daughter is introverted and quiet, while the two daughters are more outgoing." Lee said that he went to work all over the country to bring three children, the children also read, because of the inability to accompany for a long time, he could not reconcile the contradiction between the children. A month ago, Mr. Lee came to Changchun to work. Around 10 in November 4th, the daughter of the house from the rental near Yongchun ran away. "No child mobile phone card, I can only give her micro letter, she told me, let me leave her, later as long as tube of the two girls on the line." Mr. Li said, he said that the child is born, she has been to the micro channel, but the daughter insisted on not to go home. See Mr. Lee’s daughter home, Mary is very anxious. "Although she and our sisters are in conflict, we don’t want her to leave." Mary said, she also sent WeChat to Mr. Li’s daughter, but the reply is: "I can go back, but you must go." 4, after the afternoon of 2, Lee’s daughter did not reply to WeChat. Mr. Li said, daughter called Li Mengyao, wearing a blue jacket at home, wearing blue jeans, wearing double color shoes along the high. Informed, please call our hotline: 0431 – 96618, or contact with Mr. Li, Tel: 17084329210. Editor: Li Peng相关的主题文章: