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Man bacchanal kick pregnant women kneel to apologize repentance son "good" – Beijing Man bacchanal kick repentance son pregnant women "good" with intentional homicide trial to the family of the deceased kneel to apologize before the incident had been feeling out of control: drink beating the boss, the boss looks very fierce, just let the next stop up kowtow the workers, the workers came out and asked him again, and ran after beating Guangzhou daily news (reporter Wei Lina) suspected his wife derailed with the child is not his own, the night after drinking of violence caused by the innocent pregnant women, pregnant women and their unborn 5 month old fetal death. Liu Huaqing suspects accused of intentional homicide, for trial in Guangzhou City Intermediate People’s court before the day. In the trial, Liu Huaqing to the Huang family kneel to apologize, Huang husband not to accept the apology, want to punish. Liu Huaqing gave the name "the lost son of good", "good". After being scolded beaten boss in the evening of March 21, 2015, Liu Huaqing and the boss, workers to drink, drank a bottle of wine three or four bottles of beer, wine by virtue of the factory in a little trouble, the boss scolded. According to the workers to testify, Liu Huaqing called after beating the boss, the boss looks very fierce, kneel down and kowtow before allowing them to stop. Subsequently, Liu Huaqing back to the hostel is located in Haizhuqu District East road. Workers testified that Liu Huaqing introverted, usually not much, get along well with the workers. The two days before Liu Huaqing was in a bad mood, bad temper, 22 am going to sleep, Liu Huaqing not to go out, open the gates of the great sound, woke up next to the workers, workers came out and asked him again, Liu Huaqing is chased by all the workers to play, to live. Live with the workers, said Liu Huaqing holding a sock stuffed in his mouth, wearing only underwear, carrying an empty bucket rushed downstairs. Work together with his cousin and the workers afraid of his accident, he found out separately, but did not find. Mengchuai pregnant women caused the death of Liu Huaqing said in the trial, 22 at 2 pm, he is in an alley encounter victim Hwang out from the dormitory, the other looked at him and hurried away, he followed Huang into the corridor, the stairs and ran a few. For what happened next, Liu Huaqing said he did not remember drunk, the next memory fragment is himself caught by several people. The prosecutor asked why followed Huang into the corridor, Liu Huaqing argued that because they wear very little to hide into the corridor. According to Liu Huaqing had made the following statement, Huang entered the corridor, on the two floor of the platform will be 5 months pregnant Huang Huang pushed from behind, leaning on the wall down slowly, Liu Huaqing repeatedly feet leaping high to a yellow head, chest and abdomen fierce kick, the whole process about ten seconds. After hearing the cries of the building tenants will Liu Huaqing captured the scene. Hwang because of his injuries, died 5 month old fetus died inside. It was identified that Huang was caused by blunt sexual violence caused by subarachnoid hemorrhage, pleural and hepatic rupture and hemorrhage. Confession: the wife suspected derailed with gas for why pregnant women without opponents strength for binding a chicken.相关的主题文章: