Man addicted to female anchor anger filled 40 thousand brain heat simply can not stop-homefront

Man addicted female anchor 40 thousand days ago: anger filled head did not stop, Ms. Zhang calls her husband two months ago began to keen to see a webcast — is to look at the female anchor! He was a total of about 40 thousand dollars, should not have to buy a gift to send out, I would like to ask, recharge the money to this platform can not come back? Ms. Zhang, after 80, is a 13 year old girl’s mother, her husband two years older than her. The couple from the field to Hangzhou to do a little business, through the common struggle of living conditions gradually improved, did not expect recently because of the network broadcast, two people have a little awkward. It turned out that two months ago, Ms. Zhang’s husband hooked on the webcast, like living on the live platform and some beautiful anchor interaction. Interaction on the gift, he spent a lot of money. October 1st, 2, live platform to engage in activities, my husband went to the platform on the platform for the past two days filled with a total of twenty thousand. I saw him Alipay record two days, 1 days, 2 day to 8, 2688 yuan each." Ms. Zhang said, from my husband began to pay attention to the webcast, he invested a total of about forty thousand yuan into the platform. Turn 15 times $2688, there are a few times more than 1 thousand." Ms. Zhang said that the family room, her husband at night alone in the small reading room. "He live I know, I have to remind him of this, to spend money, did not think he really spend money! I found something wrong these days, because he slept late at night and didn’t sleep at two or three in the morning. I’m going to check his record…… Oh, he is also boring, right? Married a long time, what also didn’t talk again, daughter in the school campus." Ms. Chang’s husband in the light of the live broadcast platform, a female anchor in the live drink milk   I asked her husband what is good on the Internet? He said the brain fever, can not control, I really can not figure out, if only a day, how to give the anchor so much money? I asked her husband what is good on the Internet? He said he had a fever." In order to understand her husband, Zhang decided to personally experience. "I also live on the platform to see, very boring ah, according to a normal person’s thinking how would like it? Can say now webcast too harmful, make family discord." Eventually, the couple decided to sit down and talk. My husband now regret it, recharge the money to the platform, it should not have to buy a gift to send out, my husband usually no hobbies, the couple also no contradiction." Ms. Zhang emotion: ah, men do not know what to think! Such a large sum of money, there is no actual consumption, so spent out, they can not accept. It is said that women impulse consumption, even if the brain heat spend 5000 dollars to buy clothes, bought a regret, but the clothes can be worn, but the network can bring you what?" The 80 housewife also summarized in one sentence: "the webcast can be said to be the enemy of the world woman, what do you think?" Daily economic news reporter learned that Zhang’s husband often attend the live platform, known as the most.相关的主题文章: