Macao for 10 consecutive years to send money to permanent residents can get $9000-shiyang

Macao for 10 consecutive years to the public to send money to permanent residents can obtain 9000 yuan original title: the government of Macao for 10 consecutive years to the public to send money to permanent residents can get 9000 yuan [Global Times correspondent in Macao Suning Macao SAR chief executive Cui Shian 15 in the Legislative Council issued 2017 fiscal policy address, to gradually implement the plan to build a better home, "as the policy agenda and objectives. But Macao and the outside world focus on social concerns, as in previous years to fall on the public money. Cui Shian said in the report, the government proposed to continue to implement the 2017 cash share measures to permanent residents of Macao (below 9000 yuan per person payment, about 7700 yuan), non permanent residents 5400 yuan per person. The government is also prepared to inject 10000 yuan to the individual account of each eligible permanent resident of Macao, and to continue to add extra budgetary surplus to the residents of the provident fund individual account special allocation of $7000. In addition, Macao permanent residents also continue to receive 600 yuan of medical bills, residential electricity subsidies also maintain a monthly $200. For pension and gold were maintained monthly 3450 yuan and 8000 yuan per year. The cash sharing plan was introduced in 2008 by the then chief executive of Macao, He Houhua, to share the fruits of economic development, the fight against inflation and the impact of the financial crisis of 2008. May 23, 2008, the Macao government announced that permanent residents were issued 5000 yuan per person, non permanent residents were issued $3000 per person. Now, the outside called "send money" program has entered its tenth year, the amount with the floating Macao fiscal revenue growth and inflation index increased, from the year 2014 to 2017, permanent residents received cash standard is 9000 yuan. Although the Macao society experts questioned the money every year, especially when Macao economic pillar gaming revenue fell for more than and 20 months, but according to the "Global Times" reporter, Macao mainstream public opinion to maintain this plan will very strong, estimated one thirty while nobody dares to cancel "send money" plan, and the Macao gaming revenue has shown signs of bottoming out. Editor: Li Peng相关的主题文章: