Luzhou old Lai owed 800 thousand yuan is still wearing a watch open luxury cars (map) (video)

Luzhou old Lai owed 800 thousand yuan is still wearing a watch open luxury cars (map) was found from the executive personal objects on the evening of October 20th 7, in such a bleak autumn season, the night is coming. This is every family are sitting together eating sweet time (micro-blog WeChat), Luzhou City Jiangyang District People’s court yard is filled with tension. "Start acting now! Boarding car!" The order, the executive judge and armed police officers quickly began to move. To strengthen the implementation of work, Jiangyang District People’s court decided to carry out a refuses to perform effective legal instruments of the debtor to take centralized judicial action, let "Laolai" nowhere to hide. Wearing a watch, still owed 800 thousand cars to hide the toilet at night "executive judge, is a private lending disputes." The executive judge told the Sichuan news network reporter Lu, the debtor is a result of private lending disputes under the applicant for execution of more than 80 yuan, to confirm the effect by Jiangyang District People’s court legal documents. But Lu did not perform the obligation of payment of money in accordance with the effective legal documents, the applicant to apply to the court. In the course of execution, the person responsible for the implementation of the law has promised to fulfill the obligations of the legal instruments to determine the obligations, and then played a "missing", the implementation of the judge repeatedly contact no response. That the debtor Lumou living in a district west after a row in the executive judge. Tapping a rapid knock broke the silence of the night, "Hello, we are the Jiangyang District Court of the executive board judges." After presenting the documents, a group of people entered the house. "People do not go to Chengdu, do not know for a long time to come back oh." A man claiming to be in collusion Lumou relatives, rented in this house, according to his inform, Lumou not at home. When we think nothing, the door was a rustling sound. "People here, still want to run into!" One of the friends of the applicant recognized Lu, he intercepted in the house. The original line when the judge enters the house, Lumou hid in the toilet at the entrance of the opportunity, trying to take the opportunity to run away, don’t want to get caught in the positive with. The execution judge shall, in accordance with the law, read the detention decision to the person in charge, and serve the legal documents on the spot. In the ready to be legally transferred to the detention, from his possession of Lexus, Cadillac car keys for each one, the Longines brand watches. The judge told the Sichuan news network reporter, after the two sides reached a mediation, the executor did not actively perform, completely ignore the law, so he decided to take fifteen days of detention coercive measures." After handling this case, it is nearly 10 points in the evening, the judge and his party hastily leave, ready to meet tomorrow’s work. Encounter violent temper "Laolai" two iron tore up the legal documents transferred to executive detained for 21 days in the morning, another executive team continued to action. Today, the face of violence may be oh!" The judges used jokes to ease the tension. According to reports, the person involved in the execution of Lee because of a dispute involving life, health rights, refused to fulfill the obligation of compensation, the applicant for enforcement. In the implementation of the executive staff of the court has two times to the service of the notice of execution and report to the property, but Lee did not perform on the spot, also tore up the legal documents. Judge phase相关的主题文章: