Linhaixueyuan crew was sued Beijing forest fruit damage

"Linhaixueyuan" crew was damaged Beijing forest farmers sued in the newspaper news (reporter Liu Suya) the new TV series "Linhaixueyuan" upcoming, but the town of Bohai District of Huairou Cao Jicheng has said "Linhaixueyuan" cast in the shooting, the occupation of forest land with snow, the planting of the chestnut trees may be cut and damage and the "Linhaixueyuan" crew, leased land tourism company to court. This morning, the case in the Huairou court of Yanqi court hearing. Cao Jicheng has been growing chestnut trees in the town of Huairou, Bohai for more than and 10 years. Last winter, the new version of "Linhaixueyuan" crew came to the village where the film Cao Jicheng. At first, the crew promised not to take up Cao Jicheng’s woodland, and did not go to see Cao Jicheng. Unexpectedly, after more than a month, there are villagers told Cao Jicheng, the crew in the chestnut forest in the house of Cao Jicheng. Cao Jicheng rushed to the house, found this, woodland, the chestnut trees were sprayed with white powder, thick after asking that the powder is Magnesium Sulfate. Looking at their own more than and 50 chestnut trees are covered with thick powder, Cao Jicheng was very distressed. Not only that, because of the need to build a shooting building, the crew will be part of the way broken branches. Later, Cao Jicheng found the crew to communicate, the crew had promised to solve the crew as soon as possible, and soon lost contact, the phone can not get through. Cao Jicheng expects more than half of this year will be cut. So Cao Jicheng sued the two defendants, asking for compensation for land treatment and rehabilitation costs, the loss of chestnut fruit production costs, woodland stampede, labor costs and other losses totaling $148 thousand. The company said in the film, the crew set the scene, the use of plastic is the main tool of the pulp, but not all of Magnesium Sulfate powder spray. Magnesium Sulfate as the main component of fertilizer production, as long as the use of not too much, it will not have a serious impact on the plot. Magnesium Sulfate has a wide range of uses, and even the Hollywood film set uses Magnesium Sulfate powder. If the other party claims that there is a loss of production, this year’s output can be compared with other trees. The case was not in court for sentencing. J244相关的主题文章: